1. Damn, announcers all hyped when LA scores, WTF, obvious fans, GO BULLS, screw the clippers, overhyped as hell, I do like Paul George though, shame u gotta play with leanord

  2. Los Angeles Clippers and Chicago Bulls basketball game was good. I love Paul George, Kawhi Leonard, Lou Williams, Montrez Harrell, Patrick Beverly of the Clippers. I love Zach Lavine of Chicago. Chicago got some good young basketball players. I would like to see Chicago make the playoffs. But if that's gonna happen. Chicago has gotta improve their bad defense.

  3. Coming back from Charlotte down 8 with only 45 seconds left was not enough, they had to alao come back down 5 with 1:45 left on the Clippers to show how clutch they are.

  4. The clippers couldn't beat a team with nine wins and they expect to win the chip? I don't think so. Shaq, Charles, Woj and David Lee all say the lakers are a better team than the clippers! However, the clippers have more talent. That tells me a whole lot about Rivers and it isn't good!


  6. As a Pacers fan, I love seeing Thad Young ball like that. What a great vet. And it's just another bonus that he cooked PG's new team

  7. KAWHEELCHAIR lets make it a movement/meme. 

    I don't hate the clippers its lakers all day baby but I do feel bad watching that dude shit on San Antonio and gets a hug from pop. shits on Toronto and they still bending over like fuck us again Klaw (Honestly side note Toronto or Canada you guys are light weight CUCKHOLD about dude) and now he's sitting every game and it feels like and the clippers are turning into the Crutches. and yet the team and fans have no balls to step up and tell his ass off. like if im in that locker room im cornering his ass like wtf is really up bro? and catch a flight on his ass.
    For all the shit Lebrun has done and he's done a lot of shit that warrants being viewed as cowardly or pussy he is no where near Kawheelchair. what #2 is doing is making the NBA look so bad right now.

  8. I was at the game. We were acting like we won the Championship lol. Good thing the LeBron Slayer aka Kawhi did not play. He would of killed us.

  9. CHAMPIONSHIP news: how can LEBRON JAMES, JAVALE MCGEE, DANNY GREEN, QUINN COOK, ANTHONY DAVIS, and TROY DANIELS, can win the NBA national championship title this season without these Oscar, Emmy, People's Choice, Golden Globe, and the TONY awards basketball stars like CARMELO ANTHONY, BEN SIMMONS, ZACH LAVINE, EVAN FOURNIER, AUSTIN RIVERS, and ISAIAH MAURICE, and also the L. A. Lakers pro basketball team doesn't have JAMES WISEMAN, and PRECIOUS ACHIUMA. of the University of Memphis, to this season title head coach BRETT BROWN, of the Philadelphia 76ers, filmmakers.

  10. Projected lineup vs Lakers on the 25th –
    G – Patrick Beverley
    G – Kawhi Leonard
    F – Paul George
    F – Maurice Harkless
    C – Ivica Zubac

    G – Lou Williams
    G – Landry Shamet
    F – JaMychal Green
    F – Patrick Patterson
    C – Montrezl Harrell

    G – Derrick Walton Jr.
    G – Terance Mann

    Put Jerome Robinson on the inactive list. I actually wouldn't mind putting Mann on the inactive list in place for Mfiondu Kabengele. We need more size and shooting.

    Don't piss off PG13 and make him play PF. Just move Kawhi as the starting SG. Kawhi can also play some PF as he's strong and an excellent rebounder. When we have our closing lineup, it becomes position-less.

    Our closing lineup
    G – Landy Shamet or Pat Beverley
    G – Lou Williams
    F – Kawhi Leonard
    F – Paul George
    C – Montrezl Harrell

    Whether we win or lose on Christmas, it's still a long season. Lakers would only tie us in the regular season series if we lose. Lakers can have the #1 seed. Clippers will be the first #2 seed battling a #1 seed where homecourt advantage doesn't matter.

    I'm looking at the current standings and I'm shocked how top-heavy the Western Conference has become. Sacramento and Minnesota are 3 games below .500 and would still make the playoffs. So much for depth.

    It's as clear as day the ECF will be Bucks vs Sixers and the WCF will be Lakers vs Clippers. No surprises. Mavs look to lose more with Luka out. Never believed in Denver and Utah. Portland looks done like San Antonio and OKC.

    Clippers just need to lock up #2, and it's basically like having the #1 seed. Just less stress getting it. Opponents will be tougher (vs 7 and then 3 or 6) but I just don't see any other team beating the Clippers in the West except the Lakers.

    This loss isn't a big deal when you realize Rockets lost to the Pistons last night. Houston isn't as good as before either. It's really a two-horse race between the LA teams and it's a race Clippers are willing to let the Lakers win if it came down to chasing for that #1 seed.

    Lakers & Bucks = 65-68 wins
    Clippers & Sixers = 55-58 wins

    Clippers vs Sixers 2020 Finals. Let the Lakers and Bucks wear themselves down. Those injuries will pile up fast at the end. Then Laker Nation can go blame load management for that. 😂

    🐢 🥇
    🐰 🥈

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