Los Angeles Lakers vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 01/15/2019 NBA Season

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  1. Needed that win after losing to lowly Cleveland (sorry Cavs). It took the Lakers until 7:47 of the 3rd quarter to reach 51 points. The Warriors did it in the first quarter last night. Stu Lantz is right, the Lakers have to work on their offensive flow. Ingram dribbles too much but I love some of the great passes Lonzo makes

  2. Lakers win, but it wasn't a good win – of course they'll do better when Lebron gets back – they have talent, but you don't let this bad Bulls team keep pace for the entire first half

  3. I shake my head every time I see ingram drive to the paint lol. He really just puts his head down and drive. Don’t talk about him looking his had while he shoots haha. Can we trade him while his value is still high.

  4. With Ingram's talent he should be doing more. Everyone blamed his average performances on Lebron's arrival. Lebron is out now and he can't improve still…

  5. Svi needs way more playing time than Stephenson and Hart. This guy will be the next Klay Thompson. MARK MY WORDS.

  6. Chicago Bulls, please draft Cam Reddish. Let the New York Knicks get Zion Williamson. Both the Bulls and Knicks have terrible front offices but Cam and Zion shouldn't ever be passed up. RJ = ballhog.

  7. I like lebron, when he moved to LA I wanted to try and root for the lakers. But they are just trash. And worse they are low energy and passionless.

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