Michael Jordan 1987: Full Slam Dunk Contest

Edited 2/25/10: This video was not on my original Hoopsencyclopedia page. Newly edited for this channel, this is the full contest from Michael Jordan’s 1987 …



  1. ….And everyone hates the Air Jordan 2 Shoes. Mike put on a SHOW with these kicks on. Copped my retro 87 alternate Jordan 2 and OG retro 2s to my collection. Y'all sleepin on these kicks !

  2. Jordan's "side dunk" was called 'Kiss the Rim.' I never realized what a Dominique-esque power dunker Jerome Kersey was.

  3. The cambra man suck!,like ever time they go up for a dunk he zoom in!..atleast keep it zoom out,for we can see how high they jump! smh

  4. @justin1988  Me too! I did the training program of it
    and it was really an explosive one! It really worked
    and I have gained 3" vert already in just 2 weeks.
    Couldnt be happier than any other program!

  5. This contest was awful. The dunks were repetitive and easy for people of their athleticism. The only redeeming factor was the leaning dunk by Jordan…

  6. this contest was rigged….Jordan did the same dunk (from the side) 2 times and still won lol …. Politics ….

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