Michael Jordan (Age 21-30): Unreal Chicago Bulls Highlights (1984-1993)

Various highlights of Michael Jordan’s first nine years in the NBA. Some rare, some not. Comment, rate, share, subscribe & enjoy.



  1. Thanks to Jordan we got to see special players like Vince Carter, Tracy, Kobe and Allen Iverson who tried to emulate his style. He definitely opened new realms to how the game is played

    If you want to understand why he is the goat watch my video  explaining the equation Michael+Jordan = 3 6 9
    Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete EVER! No wonder his life seems to operate based on the patterns of 3s. 
    All of his numbers are in 3s they are all divisible by the number 3, if the number added up equals 3 6 or 9 then the number is divisible by 3. all his numbers seem to add up to 3 6 or 9. this video explains why. 
    3 6 and 9 are the numbers that are coded in Michael Jordans Greatness. 
    He is 6 foot 6 with 6 championships. 
    On the 6th game of his 6th championship he hits the greatest game winning shot in NBA finals history and his everlasting image is captured with 6.6 seconds left!
     Jordan entered the league 3 times and exited the league 3 times. 
    His numbers are 23 and 45 
    His olympic number is 9. 
    At age 30 he won 3 in a row and retired
    At age 33 starts his 2nd 3peat
    Retires from bulls at age 36 with 6 championships
    out of. 15 year career, 6 years he won and 9 years he lost 
    Even his baseball numbers are divisible by the number 3 
    Theres much much more….
    Nikola Tesla said "If you only knew the magnificence of the numbers 3 6 and 9, you would have a key to the universe." I believe Michael Jordan discovered that key, or somebody or something else discovered it for him.

  3. The style of his game, even the way he'd jog up the court like a cat stalking his pray, is still unmatched. A ninja. Every game was a unique piece of art. He had hunger. Had to fight like hell to make it big. Stayed in college for three years! Thanks for this edit —  it's one of the best I've seen.

  4. You see all these skills…and STILL haven't even scratched the surface of his game. His post and midrange will never be duplicated. The GOAT

  5. The unfortunate thing is the majority of the arenas Jordan played in during that time, didn't have scoreboards with any video capability. Fans attending in person were deprived of seeing any replays.

  6. They better stop trying to put lebron in jordans level because hes no where close at all … THE G.O.A.T. and these are not even his best of his best highlights of at time period…just some of his good ones.

  7. MJ and Dr J, only BIG backcourt players (6' 5" – 6' 7") who played like 6'10"+ Frontcourt BIG players in the paint and around the rim!

    You almost forget that MJ is kobe-size 6' 6" and not 6'10"+ Kemp, Griffin, DeAndre. Both blessed with insane athleticism, strength, stamina and massive huge hands.

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