Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls 1991 NBA Championship run, the road to the trophy

The 1990-91 team finished with a 61-21 record and won the NBA Championship on June 12, 1991 by defeating the Los Angeles Lakers 4-1 in the NBA Finals.



  1. look at 2:19 dam watch that shit a couple of times and youre like wow when i saw it the first time i was like "FUCK look how high he got"

  2. ohh the glory days. loll thats what my dad always says when he sees clips of the jordan pippen times. this was a year before i was born so i was fairly young during the whole BULLS NATION craze, but hey bulls are exciting again this season with D Rose and crew. do you have the half time ceremony from the 10th anniversary game from the other night?

  3. One of the most legendary first time NBA Championship quests in Bulls history. Nobody can top that flair of youthful, and yet disciplined TEAM play under the guidance of Phil Jackson and the ferocious leadership and class of the greatest player Michael Air Jordan

  4. People need to forget looking for the next Mike and stop disrespecting the man with comparisons. There's only Michael Jordan and I don't think nobody will be better than him.

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