Michael Jordan Top 100 Dunks of All-Time

The Top 100 Michael Jordan Dunks of ALL-TIME! ✅ SUBSCRIBE: SPECIAL THANKS: oldskoolbball, Hanamichi, YouuToobe, C-23, …



  1. what I also like about Jordan is that no matter how short you are you could still dunk hes 6'6 but can dunk better than Lebrun or some one

  2. No one else has ever had the ability to do the leaner dunk. He’d sometimes start going horizontal, only to be kept upright once his momentum was stopped by hitting the rim. 🐐

  3. I had to rewatch 5:29 at half speed. I knew he and Scottie did that play at the free throw line before, but hadn’t seen that one.

  4. Lebron would’ve killed this era of basketball. Most of these in traffic dunks Jordan head not even at the rim. Lebron Nd players in the league now head be above the rim. League way faster Nd have better ball handles now too. Jordan still merked them boys tho!!!

  5. as of today's date 6/8/2019… I would love to tell you that someone has come along since jordan and is better…. But it hasnt happened yet. Believe me!! I really want to see something better than Jordan! The only thing i can think of is that GOD would have to come down from the Heavens and play in the NBA! Michael Jordan was not human!!

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