1. 1:33 clean steal by AI but the call goes MJ'S way. For those who say that MJ played in a tougher league there's your answer on how much MJ was protected. The ballers were way less athletic back then and I'm from that era.

  2. "Phil is jumping up and down on the sideline saying that he (Iverson) is carrying the ball." AYUP!!!!! I am jumping up and down at my desk saying Iverson is carrying the ball.

  3. Iverson is the second most iconic player of all time behind MJ. No one has challenged all these legends all by himself like AI did. Plus he faced jail & racism at early age. If only he was mentored well and supported by the nba community instead of judgement…

  4. A 6 foot rookie fresh out of Georgetown went up against the GOAT and dropped 44 points. Lil AI had the biggest heart.

  5. This is a jump shot shooting MJ era. Iverson held his own, anybody can hold their own if you make it into the league. And let's not forget, the 76'ers were horrible and AI, though a great player, was the best of a bad situation. Somebody had to score.

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