Michael Jordan Workout with chicago bulls 1 on 1 with teammates in cool aj14 + Interview

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  1. “You reach I teach”
    (swishes shot)
    “All day”

    “Look around the room. What do you see? What do you see when you look around?”
    (Looks at all the Championship banners)
    “You didn’t, you ain’t have none of those.”

    (Pulls up for the swish)
    “Sit down”

    That must’ve hurt….especially the the second one that he said…..

  2. I love how Jordan trash talked on the court but he was always nice to reporters and for the camera. Even though they kept on asking the same questions whether or not he was gonna come back. Nowadays, NBA stars flop and then they act so fucked up to the reporters sometimes.

  3. I was watching him as a kid in between playing the super Nintendo thinking… I don't get it… Are the other players really that bad it doesn't even look like they are even trying to stop him

  4. The GOAT what people never understand is Jordan was an intense player that practiced hard everyday and learned from his mistakes but when he played against you he went after you more than you could try to go after him you tried pushing him or even try talking trash to him he would always be prepared to shut you up and he would make you look like nothing and would prey on your weaknesses

  5. At 3:49 Jordan said there was no chance of him making another comeback to the NBA. Little did he know that 3 years later from the time of this interview he would come back one last time as a member of the Washington Wizards. Although he played decently at ages 39 and 40, it was very odd watching him play in a Wizards uniform and it was clear that his time dominating the NBA was up and it was time for him to step away from the spotlight and let the new generation of NBA superstars i.e. Kobe, T-Mac, Iverson etc. take over after passing the torch to them.

  6. Why is camera man showing people on the side? We want to see MJ. Would've love to see what MJ did on defense as well? Cmon camera man!?

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