Michael Jordan's Top 10 Slam Dunks (HD)

Top 10 slam dunks of Michael Jordon playing history at the NBA in High Definition.



  1. Durant and Westbrook, over Jordan and Pippen? Lol.. no, not even close. If they were both playing today at their old age, I'd agree, but not at they're peak condition. No way, no how. You must be young, or maybe you never saw them play in their record breaking 96' season. No contest. A young Jordan would've made a fool out of Westbrook. Durant would score, but not easily, Pippen didn't much approve of people getting an open look at the basket. The 90's NBA was tough, not weak like today.

  2. lol he sometimes pushes the other players hands outta the way in mid dunk. also, he somehow gets a little higher when it seems he might come up short, i swear this guy has wings.

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