Milwaukee Bucks vs Chicago Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.16.2018, NBA Season

Bucks vs Bulls Full Game Highlights | 11.16.2018 If you want to support my channel: Twitter: …



  1. Is this the game where the Chicago bandwagons decide to come along?

    As a Chicago fan Giannis is a guilty pleasure to watch👀
    GIANNIS fan, not bucks fan

  2. I felt like everyone went crazy when they got the ball like they were mad energetic like everything was on fastfoward and Jabari looked like he had a statement game

  3. I caught the end of the 2nd quarter of this game last night and the bucks were down by more then 10 then, i knew they would come back cause theyre good this year and the bulls suck, but like i didnt see them coming back the way they did. They fuckin DOMINATED this bulls team!

  4. i feel you they talking the bucks winning record compared the 70,s bucks record but? they kind of turning into the 2001 bucks they cheat us on the 2001 remember that playoff in 2001 vs the 76ers. You have a point they pretty much better. in 2019 hopefully they make it too the 3rd round not first or 2nd make it too the 3rd round

  5. This bulls teams looks like tha Garbage time line up with Bill Wennington lol in tha Jordan days Minus all tha starters haha lmao hahah love Savage godlike lol haha ;D

  6. Me to my grandchildren: „once upon a time kids, players in the NBA could dunk and they had players playing as center. Not everyone was shooting threes back then“

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