NBA 2K11 My Player – Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat

After winning the Championship with Utah Jazz in season 1. I held a 2 hour ESPN press conference and announced that I was taking my talents to Chicago.



  1. @Aggie1985 Not to the extend you have described lol, but he was pritty useless for us. As in it was always myself, rose, bozzer and noah that did most of the scoring. Deng did go to the basket abit for me.

  2. I play SG for the Bulls too, do you ever have the problem of Deng shooting 3s over and over again after every screen play? He misses them most of the time and I end up having to freeze him out because he doesn't let the play develop. Even with Rose on the floor, he still takes terrible looking 3s. He rarely drives to the basket or shoots a midrange jumper.

  3. @CP89z how did you puted your player in chicago bulls. i puted my player in bucks but shows "bench" and when i will see on the bench of bucks i see nothing please help me

  4. hey guys i'm from brasil and i don't know how can i put my player to play on chigago bulls for example. i created my player and i puted he on bucks but he is on the bench how can i put he for play ??please help me

  5. i was having some good games with the bulls until noah, boozer, deng all got injured so my forwards and center are just shitholes who cant make a dam bucket..but i still manage a 22-7 record and the team chemistry is like 7%?? wad does teamates wan man

  6. If i did go to the Bulls in the offseason, can they put Deng at SG? I really dont want to take his spot. They don't have Bogans anymore and Brewer had a bad year and I found out your player cant start out of position. Do you reckon he could start at SG?

  7. @CP89z How did you got to the Bulls i also really want to get there i am a 6,6 shooting guard playing at Memphis Grizzlies. I did a trade request 3 times but they never anserd me. Do you no a good way to get to the bulls ?

  8. @Tasermanron Im SG/PG so when I go to the PG position I do automatically. Apart from that everyone can call for a screen

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