NBA 2K17 MyGM: 3 Moves to make as the Chicago Bulls in NBA 2K17 MyGM/MyLeague Mode

We take over the Chicago Bulls in NBA 2K17 MyGM mode and have a look at moves to make with the Bulls’ roster. With several years of age between them, the …



  1. I really enjoyed this video and appreciate you taking the realistic approach to this Bulls franchise. I went for a more defensive roster with keeping Butler, Rondo, & Wade. I decided to resign Nikola Mirotić for 3 years $18Million dollars as he is scoring threat to spread the court and get easy assists. I then traded Robin Lopez for Knicks Joakim Noah as he is more of a defensive center with the defensive anchor badge to better my Bulls team on defense and got a 1st round pick to go along side with Noah with the trade. I then needed to get rid of Aaron Brooks because he was causing problems plus a first round pick is always nice. Getting Tom Thibodeau as head coach is a life saver and gets the Bulls more defensive minded with Noah on floor is for the greater good. This honestly makes a difference when Tom is your head coach when playing on hall of fame getting an average of 11+ steals besides for me controling Rondo which, ends up at around 15-16 steals a game and around 60 rebounds a game with this more defensive roster. I also decided to get Justin Holiday to pair along side Grant and Valentine as I platoon swapped Butler, Rondo, & Wade in between lineup rotations. I decided to keep Taj Gibson and rotate him with Mirotic. Taj provided some good low post scoring and defense plus, fueling assists for Rondo and Wade is also great at the same time useful for when going small ball against teams like Golden State. As for Bobby Portis I then swapped him with Noah to get him mintues and spread the court when Mirotic was subbed out to keep that four man deep threat at all times.
    So, my Bulls roster was this
    PG Rajon Rondo 32 Mins
    SG Dyame Wade 32 Mins
    SF Jimmy Butler 32 Mins
    PF Taj Gilson 24 Mins
    C Joakim Noah 32 Mins
    6 Nikola Mirotić 24 Mins
    7 Bobby Portis 16 Mins
    8 D Valentine 16 Mins
    9 Justin Holiday 16 Mins
    10 Grant 16 Mins
    11 Cristiano Felício (Backup Center)
    12 Paul Zilper (Backup SG)
    13 Luke Gregery (Backup PG) (Great for closing out games with his A+ 3 pt shooting.)

    Great video and hopefully see more great videos like this one. Thanks so much.

  2. What would you think about trading Brook Lopez and the nets and kings first round for cousins .. or I could do Lopez for Drummond straight up.. but I don't find that realistic the only reason is that the pistons think that they need a stretch 5 and Drummond slant help them. What do you think about that ?

  3. @Pete Complete Yes but that was what 2K offered me, after i worked everything around with the salary. i use Embracethepace Draft rosters. I thing it was quite realistic cause the bulls didnt have a chance in the playoffs and the Celtics need a Star. If i were the celtics i would try to keep Brown and one of the Picks out of the trade. The pick they got was the 17. Pick cause i made the playoffs. And what would you do know. I have the nets and Kings pick this year. I have some good talent in Fultz,Portis,Brown,Smart,Brook Lopez (I tradet for him @ the Tradedeadline. Would you resign wade and would you draft a Top Prospect or make a Package for a Star in my situation?

  4. i tried to make it realistic but cause of the trade romours i tradet butler to the celtics. i got this and next year nets pick,smart,Amir johnson and jaylen brown for butler my 2017 first round pick (top 3 protectet), MKW and denzel valentine. so i got 2 young players and 2 possible nr. 1 picks
    what do you think about that move?

  5. Hello Pete,

    This is a nice video! Once again, keep up the good work, and I really liked this video. I guess as you stated, outside of minor trades and potentially marginal improvement in the free agent, there isn't much to do with the Chicago Bulls. Overall,I feel that they need a shooter, in general, that would complement Rondo, Wade,and Butler, so I believe that is one that this team could be improved. However, alphabetically, the Cleveland Cavaliers are the next team to look at, but since they've only lost one game thus far in this young NBA season and are unanimously considered as title contenders and arguably have the best all-around player in the game, do you plan to make a video on them next? I have seen that on several 2k17 simulations, the Cavaliers win the championship, and beat teams such as the Warriors, so I don;t think that they need any sort of tweaking or retooling to their lineups since they are so good. Again, this is just what I believe, but I just wanted to ask you, will we be seeing a Cavs video? Do true title contending teams get a video? I was just wondering.

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