NBA 2K19 – All-Time Lakers vs. All-Time Bulls [1080p 60 FPS]

NBA2K19 #NBA2K #NBA NBA 2K19 Gameplay. NBA2K19 simulation gameplay match-up featuring the All-Time Lakers going up against the All-Time Bulls.



  1. You could put the entire Lakers starters in the top 10 players of all time. Top 12 for sure. The only player on the bulls I would put in the top 20 all time is Jordan. (top 3, maybe 1). Rodman is underrated. He could control a game with his rebounds and defense. Pippen was a good all around player, but not a super star. Rose got hurt after 2 years and was never the same (too bad). Gilmore, good, but not Shaq or Jabaar. West and Kobe could score with the best of them. I would think the Celtics all time team would have a better shot with Bird, Russell, Havlichek, Parrish, Cousy, Garnett, Pierce. My best all time players in order are Jordan, Wilt, Jabaar, Lebron, Russell, Magic, Bird, Kobe, Duncan, Shaq, Olajuwan, Durant, West, Oscar, Dr. J, K. Malone, M. Malone. I. Thomas, Curry, Dirk.

  2. This should be an easy win for the Bulls. All they have to do is force Kobe Bryant to shoot the ball instead of his teammates and the Lakers will only make 30 percent of there shots at best then.

  3. Artis Gilmore stealing from West… OMG! Jordan didn't play the fourth quarter??? Butler making the clutch shots at the and… Magic with just 5 assists…Oh my… Awful…

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