NBA 2K21 | Chicago Bulls MyLEAGUE EP 1 | A New Beginning!

We did it last year, can we do it again on NBA 2K21? Jumping into episode 1 our of Chicago Bulls MyLeague! NBA 2K21 | Chicago Bulls MyLEAGUE EP 1 | A …



  1. need to turn off that shot meter.. you get a slight boost, it also forces you to learn your players jumpshot and you get better at "hand" button release on the controller

  2. yo, what are your coaching settings are they set to auto? plays defensive settings etc? i think offline play is the best. waiting for update to get billy donovan playbook before i do my season.

  3. The transition from us blowing countless big leads in the second half has come to 2k lol 😂. Seriously it’s nice to see this team play when they do good and with Billy I think we can get going early on.

  4. you should play with longer quarters so your scores and player stats are more realistic and closer to the other teams.

  5. That's what I like about 2k I might not have internet at home but im still able to enjoy the my league and if I do ever go play 2k I can just go over my friends and play it

  6. Wow, Zach just kept constantly missing threes. Like what the hell??? I really like the graphics though, especially the white logo for the Bulls. Love it.
    And the Bulls had like a 12 point lead and it just disappeared.😄
    That was crazy!

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