1. The older Bulls would have won in 99 also because they would be so rested, no injuries ….Screw that obese , arrogant piece of shit

  2. 6:30 “…drove a stake into the heart of the bulls?”
    Is someone a bit desperate to use that sort of language to blame Jackson and defend Krause?
    The blame is on everyone in some measure, but if it’s one person’s fault, it’s Krause.

  3. Jerry Kraus built and destroyed the Bulls. Typical cycle of insanity of human nature. We build and destroy, without us even knowing, later on. That's how stupid humans are. Check history.

  4. You guys look the other way around…. Jerry Krause fired…. The bulls could have not been disbanded…. Simple…. Jordan Pippen and Jackson championship….

  5. Chris Palmer clearly didn't watch the documentary he's on. Jackson said at the beginning of the year he's not coming back. It had nothing to do with Jordan. Jackson said at the beginning of the 1997/98 season " I'm not coming back"

  6. They didn’t mention WHY Phil left!! Go into what Kraus did to Phil!! Come on now!

    Edit: Alrhough Phil should have gotten over his ego and went anouther 2-5 yrs. until Jordan was able to pass on the torch and stay in Chicago.

    This was a very stupid move by the bulls. Save Jordan and Phil no matter the egos

  7. Krause is most definitely the reason that the bulls didn’t continue on to see if they could continue on to grab 7 or 9.

  8. If you're going to dismantle a team, you better have the pieces to put together a new, competitive team and the Bulls teams after '98 were just woeful and embarrassing. The Bulls went from being basketball gods to being the laughingstock of the league.

  9. Krause wants credit. With all due respect, Jerry just needed MJ, Pippen and very good specific role players. Yet, those players gelled well as a group.
    Jerry and Jerry insists that they put the team together but had no empathy or sympathy or charisma to keep the crew together. They all screwed up and dropped the ball. Management did a great job of assembly. But, Jerry and Jerry did not bull crap about keeping bulls together. Phil and Mike did!
    All the clashing egos killed their team future. A great case study of leadership from the top down failing. There were many leaders which were not united to push that team into another ring win. It was like they were satisfied with their success. And, the personal relationships were more important than the work.
    A good lesson that Shaq, koby, Penny, Kyrie + Marbury did not learn that may have dramatically changed their lives in much different ways.

  10. Scottie and Michael are to BLAME !!!
    Because of them, lots of young men were broke buying their shoes. I'm 42 and I bought a handful of their items last month 🙂

  11. If Reinsdorf, rather then relish in money and "I don't give a shit what happens"……and stepped in, THEN things could be different for BULLS today and yesterday. Reinsdorf is absolutely right. He hires people to do the thinking for him, he doesn't do hardly shit. As being the owner of the Bulls and White Sox you have championships for both teams. But you have to speak up and say, "Paxson you're fuckin' up……..or Krause, you and Jordan need to patch things up". LUCKILY there was no "internet/social media craze". Imagine how things could've been 50 times worse, if we took the technology of today and knew the harsh facts and put them out in the open. Really wish things were different. BTW Jordan, it is a FACT he is a kinda a Punk. Gave Will Perdue a black eye in practice. He took away Grant's dinner in front of a reporter/author for the Bulls team. The whole team and it's management was fucked. But I still am broke buying all these God Damn Jordans !!!!!!!

  12. Phil Jackson leaving is what started the mass exodus. If Phil decided to stay two more seasons Jordan, Pippen, all the guys would have stayed two more years.

  13. There’s plenty of blame to go around but it just goes around in a circle. If Jackson left, Jordan wasn’t going to stay. So how would they keep Jackson who was butting heads with Krause ? Reinsdorf was supposed to fire the GM who built him 6 championship teams ? Then if he fired Krause to keep Jackson and Jordan then they would have 10 free agents to sign under a salary cap and find a new GM to do it.

  14. The truth is the "demise of the bulls" was the right thing to do, for everyone except Krause. It was time to leave for Michael. The 98 playoffs were the worst example of Jordan and the bulls in the 90's. I amazes me that they even got there, the only way they were able to win the championship in 98 was because they could still turn up the team excellence for limited periods of time. Credit Jackson for good management of really limited abilities. Go back and watch the 98 playoffs Jordan made most of his points at the free throw line. I love MJ and I'm very glad he left the bulls as a winner.

  15. Fuck Krause to the end. Krause picked players under a Jordan system. Krause could not have done what he did in Chicago without leaders like Jackson and Jordan who made the Bulls an efficient opposition-eating machine. Krause could not have accomplished what he did in Chicago in any other NBA city because of Jackson and Jordan. And I am supremely irked that this fat fuck and his minions try to give Krause credit that belongs to the true men that made the Bulls the dynasty that they were. Krause deserves the title "Most Hated Man in Chicago Sports History". Fuck Krause to the end.

  16. This all falls on Krause and his fat little man syndrome!!!

    When you have to make a video about reasons why it’s not his fault…… ITS HIS FAULT!!!!

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