NBA Draft Lottery Live REACTION! Chicago Bulls Edition! #DemBulls

Live reaction to the lottery! How we feeling Bulls Nation?! If you would like for your business or talent to be featured on this channel, please email me at …



  1. I Would hate for the Chicago Bulls to have the #4th Pick and then have to Trade πŸ‘‡just so they can find the Right fit for this Team Moving Forward ! When do Teams get to call all these Prospects in for TryOuts before the Draft ?

  2. #4 is legit. One of Wiseman, Toppin, LaMelo will be there. I think Isaac Okoro would be a good pick tho. His defense and energy is top notch. He’d be a great fit next to Lavine and you might be able to trade down, take him, and acquire another asset. BTW I sure wish my Blazers could execute a trade with you guys for Otto Porter.

  3. Your videos are becoming more creative and unique.
    This was cool to watch because of the live reaction to the draft. It was funny witnessing all your facial expressions and the emotions experienced as the Bulls kept creeping higher up. Undoubtedly, you live them Bulls.
    I want to see the Bulls do something creative and unlike the old regime. Make a blockbuster draft day trade and make the fans go crazy. One can only dream though!
    Keep the videos coming

  4. And another thing I love Chicago sky we been ballin we actually 8 and 4 you should do some videos on the sky as well I actually turn from NBA games to watch them when ever there on

  5. I love your reaction and your smile😍.. I'm glad that we moved up in the draft and I think that they should pick the best player available because honestly I don't know any of these draft prospects this year lol

  6. I wanted to see your reaction! The Bulls got rid of that bum coach, and we have a nice pick to booth! We're getting ready to roll! Go Bulls!

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