1. Great content. You're seriously disrespecting Steph Curry, the greatest shooter to ever live. Let's revist this at years end. Keep up the vids man, I really love your work.

  2. Just so you know Luka did not get top point guard because most or at least MUCH of the league doesn't consider him a point guard. It's the same way that Giannis and maybe even Ben Simmons were not atop that list either. Just because you run the offense doesn't necessarily make you thre point guard, I guess (I'm not sure I agree). Even NBA 2K considers Luka a SF. Now if you asked me, Luka is a point, Giannis is a point, so is Simmons (but he likely wouldn't crack top 10 maybe not even top 15 – 20). But of those remaining (if Giannis and Luka are point forwards), I agree with Steph being #1, but Dame is very close (he's just a touch selfish; mostly because the talent around him besides McCollum is lacking), also Ja Morrant is right there with them (don't be suprised if her makes a huge leap), then CP3, and Jamaal Murray (assuming the leap he took in playoffs wasn't just a fluke)

  3. Bro idk where you get that Obi’s defense is horrible when he was not that bad. As for his age, Zach is playing way better defense this year and he’s 25. That lets you see that age doesn’t matter, to some degree. Since he’s in the right spot with Tibbs, I’m sure his defense will improve. Now if the Bulls with Donavan would’ve drafted him, his defense would’ve improved. I actually believe he would’ve improved in all aspects of his game. I think if the Bulls would’ve drafted him he’d be our 3rd option in a few years. Obviously depending on what Markkanen does.

  4. The only breakout Lauri is going to have is when he breakout crying after we don't resign him, he can take his boy Wendell with him

  5. Brodie you bogus as hell disrespecting steph curry like that. I get that you like doncic but curry one of the most lethal humans alive and a champion. Saying luka is a better player hands down is questionable. Can we see Luka become a better defender before we crown him at least, honestly Jayson Tatum is a more complete player to me as far as the future of the league goes. Luka is westbrook but take away the athleticism and replace it with shooting

  6. I mentioned in a previous video how Garrett Temple is a VP of the player association. Everyone likes this guy, he's a classy veteran that our young team needs. Characters like this might not effect a teams ceiling, but they do raise the floor. I personally put a lot of value in these experienced journeymen on a young team. Clearly even the leagues GMs recognize this guy's ability to bring a positive culture, this was a pick up that will get no recognition, but has already payed dividends on player development and moral, team moral/chemistry was brutal last year.

  7. After 3 games, the Bulls impress me. They are playing more as a team than they did all last year. Nice to see that so soon.
    If it becomes habit, then the Bulls WILL make the playoffs.
    For the Bulls, it is NOT about talent — they have that.
    It is about desire, preparation, passing, and game awareness.
    If they have that, then they will easily make the playoffs.

  8. For me, it is a no brainer that Billy Donovan will have the biggest impact of any new head coach.
    Not because he is better than the rest, but because Boylen was such a horrible incompetent head coach.
    Billy is a BIG jump in competence for the Bulls.
    So, Billy will have the biggest impact.

  9. They got those players at top 5 because they have the best opportunity to break out,they dont have two dynamic scorers like zach and cobe and a possible in Williams.

  10. Yeah I dont understand the Devin Booker selection. I mean when you have already drastically improve your team and have a 70 point game under you belt. I mean come on! Lol

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