1. A lot of people probably don't realize that Rodman popularized tattoos in pro sports. You'd see maybe the occasional tat on a biceps, or here or there, and Rodman watched Demolition Man, dyed his hair blonde, got tats all up his arms, and it wasn't long after that where you started seeing them everywhere. Now more guys than not have tats. It was a big deal back in the early 90s.

  2. The Bill Russell of my era. Does the things you need to win championships. Things that don't always show up on the stat sheet. Great rebounder and defender. Selfless. Unless he has a put-back will kick it out to someone else better at getting buckets.

  3. No question Dennis was MVP of that series. GP actually did a crazy good job guarding MJ, holding him to 24 ppg from game 2 on. Dennis and the role players played great team basketball. No 1 man can win championships.

  4. Let's be honest, …the Chicago bulls were complete when they had Rodman,..think about it,…….Pippen ,Jordan, Rodman, and All the rest of the team were Real warrior's!!!!Total dominance!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pound for pound, I think Rodman was the best defensive player ever. Considering his height and how many times he led the league in rebounding, it's phenomenal. And not just his rebounding, he would guard anyone, including the other team's center. The dude once held Shaq to 2 second-half points. If there was a Mt. Rushmore for all time defensive greats, Rodman would be engraved onto that list.

  6. I don't think the young ones actually understand how devastating it is to have a defense built around Jordan, Pippen and Rodman.

  7. Get 7 straight rebounding tittles en NBA era of monsters like mutombo , Patrick , Olajuwon, the admiral etc etc I will be impressed with 3 but 7 man , that tell you he was the king of the board

  8. How tf can Rodman party hard af the night before" and have that much energy! And shiiton of rebounds' and have a overwhelming defense!?
    What a Legend.

  9. RodZilla equals Defense and Rebounding. How many people remember that the Bulls acquired The Pound for Pound GOAT Rebounder for…………Will Perdue!!! LOL!!!! One of the Greatest Steals EVER!!!! lol!!!
    Bulls go on to win their 2nd 3-Peat, with the GOAT Season and Team Ever with Rodman, the player they got for WILL PERDUE!!!! lol!!!

    What other trades in NBA history were steals of that level?

  10. Rodman was the man. I tried to emulate his play style back in my younger days. I was only 6’1 but made sure I was were the ball was or going to be.

  11. THE NBA gave him the privilege to violate all the rules because that's how dumb the NBA is, now GAME FIXING IS THE GAME

  12. Annie's in Ambassador for America with North Korea he don't get credit for that as well he's the one of the best basketball players that ever played the basketball game in the best Manchu assassinator I love you Dennis Rodman

  13. One of my idols… I was leading rebounder in my state in 2000 18 rebounds per game. My all time high was 32 rebounds in one game. And was only 6'1 200 pounds. Probably the shortest center in New Mexico lol. But I was fast and strong. Man I miss playing. RODMAN YOU ARE THE MAN!

  14. The most respected when he played and the the most disrespected when he played. The best big number rebounder and the best small rebounder.
    He was amazing. He was not appreciated by me. I hated the guy. But as a Laker fan from age 10, I now know how great this man was. He deserves much more credit and study of his game.

  15. Rodman was a beast. One of my favorite players. He was never the focal point but his defending, rebounding were amazing. Rodman was one of the few players that gave 100% on that floor when he played.

  16. Fucking Steven Kerr. How can you say Rodman wasn't skilled when he was one of the top 3 rebounders EVER and arguably one of the top 3 greatest (not to mention most versatile) defenders of all time?

  17. He was one of the 1st athletes that started wearing tattoos. People had maybe one or two but he was possibly the first to wear a lot. Then everyone started getting tatted.

  18. Truely a LEGEND!

    He never talk so much
    He just showed it

    I felt his cry that he wanted it so much the most defensive prayer of the year.

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