NBA Mock Draft 2019 Picks 1-5 | Chicago Bulls Edition | All Duke Top 3?

NBA Mock Draft 2019 Picks 1-5 | Chicago Bulls Edition | All Duke Top 3?


  1. You said Phoenix is going to get the number one draft pick how do you know that 🤔 CAN you let me know the lotto number for this weekend. Phoenix not going to get the number one draft pick back-to-back years only if LeBron James was going there LOL

  2. In the 90s we never used the word athletic so much. We would specially call out their strengths. leaper, fast, agile, quick, crafty, smooth, nice touch, scorer,rebounder, strong, passer, streaky. Just saying athletic is so lazy to me.

  3. Did you watch the NCAA tournament? Barret is not more talented than Zion. Zion is way better. Because Barret choked Duke didn’t even make the final four.

  4. if you have reddish in your top 5 let alone top 3 you are out of you mind …..also ja going 4 lol only clev would take barett over ja

  5. I'm a little worried that if the Bulls have pick 2 that GarPax will pick Barrett over Morant like the clowns they are. Considering we need a PG/play maker and Morant is a gun, if you are the Cavs or Hawks you would draft Barrett over Morant.

  6. Ja Morant fasho gonna be a chicago bull…i heard in a interview zion doesnt wanna go to a big market team. (NY KNICKS) I think him, Booker & Ayton can do big thangs. Work to become best bigman duo in da league.

    Ja is the package the bulls need…
    Pg..Ja Morant
    C..W.Carter Jr

    Bench🔥-Small Ball-
    Pg..Kris Dunn or D.Rose


    P.s…Felicio getting better, juss taking babyBABY steps
    They need to let Blakeny play more because he is to talented and can shoot the ball💯
    I also think if we get Morant, we might trade or release kris dunn because he might not want a bench role. Bring in D.Rose to mentor Ja & show him the NBA ropes on being a star PG of a franchise

  7. No way Reddish goes top 5. His stock dropped like a rock. The top 3 picks will be Zion, RJ, Ja no matter what teams are there. And Im a Bulls fan.

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