1. Ahhh man, the feels!!

    I honestly believe at this time 1995-96 and 1996-97 to be the 2 best seasons in NBA history. In particular, these two teams were STACKED in a timeless way. Not only did the Bulls have the GOAT, but they had THREE All-NBA defenders, a top-tier perimeter threat and a standout European threat. I'll take the first two years of that second Bulls three-peat over any team in NBA history. Meanwhile, the Magic had: an all-time-tier big, another stand-out big, a combo guard with an all-time start to his career and two top-tier perimeter threats. To think that Magic squad was "one of many" during that time… the Bulls, Magic, Sonics, Rockets and Jazz are just the first to come to mind.

    The late 90's was the best basketball.

  2. Who here thinks of why do we have to get old, why change great things like these. I know we have to move and evolve, but dammit this was beyond gold. Wish I can go back in time back to this time.

  3. Man I used to get so hyped as a kid. It’s a shame that nowadays these kids today get no gems like this, instead they get radio trash music, sexually depraved propaganda and weak men who are cucks like Kevin Durant. What a shame.

  4. That intro pkg, the theme, and opening pan of the United Center and chyron graphics had me fired up for this game and it happened like 23 years ago.

  5. Ahh. Back when basketball,baseball and football cards were relevant. I miss the 90's. Life was much simpler back then. What a great time

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