NBA Rumors On Anthony Davis To The Bulls, Gordon Hayward Trade Rumors, Chris Paul For Wiggins?

NBA trade rumors are beginning to become the focus of the 2019 NBA offseason. Major stars could still be on the move before the 2019-20 season begins …



  1. Just keep in mind that a season can make alot of difference. If the Bulls show themselves to be formidable team this season and can free up cap space to bring AD along with Bradley Beal who probably won't sign extension this off season, this could become a very real possibility. Plus Bulls have young key players with great upside.

  2. I think he's throwing it out there for leverage….& he may consider it down the road…..but those teams have virtually 0 chance to win a title….if he wins a few with Lakers….of course he may wanna end in his home town.

  3. If We aren’t getting Itah Gordon he’s not worth the money & therefore should/Needs to be traded no matter how much that hurts Bad Stevens feelings 🤷🏾‍♂️ Hayward is being paid to much money to accept anything less & would be dumb for Danny Ainge not to explore his value in trades….

  4. Thunder lineup is off my line up would be CP3 SGA BAZLEY GALLINARI ADAMS bench would be SCHROEDER BURTON DIALLO MUSCALA NOEL then you have a good team

  5. Jalen Rose can't guess what he'll eat for breakfast, so please stop bothering about hes NBA predictions. (specially those 1 year from now predictions…)

  6. It’s really annoying how you guys just make stuff up. I get you’re trying to make a YouTube video and spark conversation, but you’re just spewing non sense. I like you guys, but every other thing you guys have mentioned or has no real substance:

  7. Had Paul been with a different team last year no one would be saying he's aging or he's old. He didn't work with Harden but what true point guard would? If Russ doesn't work with him either are we gonna call him old as well?

  8. Why would AD got to the Bull or Knicks to play against KD and Kyrie or Giannis Or Boston if AD got to the Knicks the Draymond Green coming with him .

  9. Anthony Davis didn't have the Bulls on his list because he knew that if the Bulls traded for AD he would be in the same situation as he was in New Orleans

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