1. I’ve loved him since Florida won back to back titles. That’s what really got me into the whole world of basketball, rather than just the bulls. That’s obviously the first time I saw Joakim too.

  2. Get the man some Aurelio’s & Roseangela’s pizza already. Have him get a pie at Piece & Pequods. Then get the man to an aquarium smoker place like Lem’s for some real Chicago BBQ

  3. Loved Neil but it's great to have Adam here. Just another great hire and he's going to make these games that will be more exciting because of Billy even better.

    And how nice is it getting to listen to a smart, insightful coach who understands communication and actually says something with his words; rather than Boylen who constantly danced around topics while spouting nonsense and ripping cliches one after another, all while selfishly refusing adapt or sway from his ways.

    And AK speaking Is a far cry from the guys who just ignored the fanbase and spoke defensively when they actually were asked questions.

    Marc Eversley is the total opposite of Gar. A guy who knows the players, can relate to them, and will go far and wide to find the best guys for this team, rather than sticking to the Iowa area.

    Man, this feels completely different and it's exciting, even knowing the roster is still exactly the same for now.

    Go BULLS!

  4. I'm excited to hear Adam with Stacey King but I do hope we get one more home game of Neil Funk/Stacey King since this past season was cut short.

  5. Adam please help Stacey King reach his full hype man potential this season. Our entertainment is dependent on your chemistry. Good luck and congratulations!!

  6. If Donald Trump was the bulls head coach: "You guys are so lucky to have me. They said it couldn't be done. Believe me. Lots of people everywhere have said the bulls can never be good, but I'm here and we are gonna win again. Gar/Pax was fake news they're gone they had low energy. Arturas should be very thankful I agreed to this, I almost decided not to I was so used to winning where I was, but just for you guys, I came here and we are gonna win bigly, and the Milwaukee Bucks are gonna pay for it"

  7. I'm low-key excited to hear Adam Amin call games next season. He was on the broadcast when they were in Portland last year. I thought he had great chemistry with Stacey King.

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