1. Big like for more videos that have real highlights and not damn boring NBA 2k gameplay that makes no damn sense because of crappiness of the game!

  2. If bulls get 2 decent vets and draft either zion or ja this is easily a playoff team. They really need to get a back up pf from anywhere and stop playing wayne seldon jr there. The core 4 of this team has so much potential they just need actual leadership on the court to help. Just look at adding 1 otto did for the team.

    1.Ja Morant
    2.Zach Lavigne
    3.Otto Porter
    4.Lauri Markkanen
    5.Wendell Carter Jr.

  4. Washington Wizards ran with that Wall and Beal offense. They are the two primary scorers for the team. Coach didnt want Otto taking contested shots or shots that were tough to make. Otto has unlocked his inner Wilt mode.

  5. As a bulls fan, i was mad when the bulls traded for him at first because of his Contract, but I’m glad we got him now

  6. As a wizards fan It’s cool to see Otto and oubre get more shots. But 2:02 isn’t true, Otto was a NON shooter coming into the league. He was able to develop it and become one of the better shooters for the last 3-4 years same thing with his ball handling.

  7. Otto Porter went to the bulls && started averaging 18 while helping them win more games, && Kelly oubre gets traded to the suns && he was averaging 20 after the allstar break while helping them win more games no wonder Ernie Grunfeld got fired lmao

  8. Dont think into it he passed up alot of shots and he has no pressure in Chicago rather to in D.C ….Otto just is playing free and no pressure..but when there is Pressure he tends to fold …we will see tho

  9. I think they wouldnt let him take contested shots in Washington, like the coach would get mad or something cuz theres no way he just switched it up thAt quick

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