PACERS at BULLS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 26, 2020 The Indiana Pacers rolled to a 125-106 win over the Chicago Bulls behind a triple-double …



  1. Warrens recent ability to score along with sabonis has really helped pacers. Several eastern teams are built like college teams lots young developmental talents. Orl for example. I like pacers groupings. ID probably trade turner I would if traded him and Oladipo ID look at them as team could be apart of the harden trade.

    Bulls unique not sure ID buy into lavine talented but I dont see much winning a lot like beal not sure he impacts others although very talented

    Love to see lauri on different team he can play. I like Carter but he seems more athletic role player than star

  2. Idiots giving up rights for privileges. The dumbed down America that we live in hurts my heart. Do some fucking research about this fake plandemic. Look to see if the covs has a patent. Because it does. As a matter of fact it has 7 patents. That means itโ€™s a creation of man.

  3. bulls' offense look a mess with coby running the point. stop the coby and wendell pick and roll, that play is going nowhere, every time they do it, its more likely a turnover, a coby miss shot or a wendell doesnt know what to do with the ball in his hands thing. stop it. put coby off the bench in a sixth man role scorer, put sato and otto back in the starting lineup, make zach lavine do his thing offensively, he and lauri running the pick and roll, the bulls' bread and butter offense. play garret temple and chandler more minutes.

  4. I had to watch the bulls as a NBA fan. First off I'm a hawk fan first and foremost. The bulls need to fire the GM the assist GM the Scouts and I know this his first year but his system sucks with stars, fire coach Donovan too. Ask Mike D'Antoni, Jason Kidd, Nate McMillen, & Jeff Hornacek. As for GM Pat Riley guy Eric Spoelstra. I like his mind and would love to see who he picks for the bulls. Moral of the story switch it up. Miserable basketball on both ends.

  5. Dear Chicago Bulls,
    Do us a favor and go 0-82. And then when you draft a player develop him and trade him away if heโ€™s good, but if heโ€™s not good just resign him to a longer deal for false hope like you always do.

  6. It's time for the Bulls to completely blow thus team up and it time for the Reinsdorffs to sell the franchise to someone who cares about basketball

  7. Im just going to say…Wendell has been straight garbage this year. His shot is inconsistent and his defense is TERRIBLE. He doesn't show at all on the picks just sags back and gives guys WIDE OPEN shots….pathetic.

  8. I've been a Chicago Bulls fan my entire life. I've been watching games for almost 30 years. This is BY FAR the laziest, worst Bulls team, maybe even top five worst teams of all time.

  9. my bulls are so pathetic each year i think they will get better since the start of the rebuild. i always watch the first 15-20 games , whole thing i record them watch em after long day of work eating good food iโ€™m all hyped then i just watch them meltdown. they are too young , low confidence players . half of them needs to go iโ€™m sorry i have officially lost my faith in this core

  10. as a bulls fan how do i feel like its just a regression every year with this core? Carter looks lost, hell everyone looks lost lol how many turn overs off a simple inbound ?

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