1. D Rose had already admitted that he would absolutely LOVE to come Back to Chicago and his presence on the Team would HELP the Bulls Win them very Close games that they would normally would Loose without him ! I also believe that Jimmy Buckets would be very nice to have back on the Team whenever he becomes available ! The Chicago Bulls just need another All Star Player with this Current Team and be willing to Pay the Money to Keep him in Chicago for at least Three to Five Years ! I'm not talking about an All Star Player that's near Retirement or barely bouncing on One Leg Pretending like he is still the Athlete he use to be before he got injured ! He must be a guaranteed Star Player and Chicago needs to Spend that Money without having to Loose most of Team just to get him ! Otherwise the Chicago will never be win another Championship Team ever ! It'll be a Miracle if they can do it from Scratch but until then Oh Well !

  2. Drose said he wants to win a ring, so it doesn't seem to be logical to come back home because let's face it, we are not winning a championship very soon. So, I would really love to see him in a Bulls jersey again the next season, but it's not gonna happen. I'd rather see him in a contender team so he can finally win the chip to come back as a winner.

  3. Lol laughing at what you said about kyrie, says he brings drama, ego and stays getting injured ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ funny but true

  4. Drose returning would be amazing if you are a die hard bulls not only would you be happy you will be crying cuz Ik I will he is the whole reason why I love basketball ๐Ÿ€

  5. Remember when Wendall Carter Jr. said he was a dog lol. All I see is a pussy cat on the court. Send his ass to the g league on foe n em

  6. Coby is like a baby giraffe version of Rose, a lot of similarities but not as smooth… I would hope that the Front Office considered bringing in CP3 to mentor Coby…

    P.s great vid as always B.C

  7. I'm from Philippines and I'm a 100% bulls fan.i really hope D. Rose go back to Chicago. Together with Noah. We really need a mentor for our young Guys.. I hope will win next time. Hehehe. God bless

  8. Absolutely no reason to bring back the hometown kid that is loved by the whole city , that can be a veteran leading voice and also able to bring 16 and 5 coming from the bench.

  9. I'm pretty surprised Kyrie is still in Brooklyn, that troika of KD, Kyrie and Harden have a chance to be at an elite level. If all three of them are clicking and meshing together, I think they eclipse the Lakers, Bucks etc. However, I just don't see them getting along, all three of them are quick to start pointing fingers when things aren't going their way, and all three of them do not handle criticism well. Kyrie is the X Factor here… When you look at all the best "big 3s" assembled recently, lebron/Wade/Bosh, Pierce/Garnett/Allen, even KD/Curry/Thompson… All of those teams have 3 players capable of being the best player on most teams, and all those #3 options had to adapt to be the #3 option. Ray Allen, Chris Bosh and Klay all were able to recognize there are 2 better options on those teams and adjusted their game to accommodate it, I don't see Kyrie doing this in the slightest. KD is the best player on that team to be certain, and Harden is most definitely the #2, Kyrie thinks, plays and acts like he's the #1 and now is going to be forced to adapt or ruin this team. I personally think the Nets were pretty stupid to give up Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen, I would of 10 times out of 10 kept those 2 over Kyrie. If this big three fails, the media better rip on these clowns because there is no better collection of talent in the league right now. The Nets destroyed their depth and young core to essentially bet on Kyrie playing along… and it may work, but I'm going to lean on the side that it doesn't.

  10. If the Bulls ever resign Rose and I get to hear him announced in the starting lineup, I'd 110% tear up lol. I wouldn't mind grabbing him as a bench role player, because he's actually settled himself into a nice little veteran PG. However, I just don't really see him fitting in with our current team, I'm actually super content with the Coby/Sato deal we have going at PG, of course, it could be better, but it's not bad considering Coby's age.

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