PISTONS at WIZARDS | FULL GAME HIGHLIGHTS | December 19, 2020 Thomas Bryant led all scorers with 22 PTS and lifted the Washington Wizards to a …



  1. Well that was a hell of game! I love the Wizardry improvement with the the GREAT Russell WESTBROOK. Additionally, I ENJOY seeing DERRICK ROSE free of injury and executing his shots with adeptness and confidence. May God watch over all those "jumping and running " great men of basketball! BEST wishes, to all, PLAYERS and FANS for the upcoming NEW Year!

  2. now I am no basketball fan….and I don't really know much….but this seems a little staged…..like at 0:32 two dudes were just standing there…. facing the wrong way…like OPPOSITE from the dude that has the basketball. And for some odd reason, I was watching another game of this and it looked computer-generated…like the players did. Could be just my eyes were messed up, but still……..

  3. The nosy yugoslavian theoretically interrupt because rat arespectively attack on a wild minute. jaded, fixed rake

  4. If somebody needs to tell Russ to edit his settings and change his damn number. That number 4 don't fit him. I know you can't have 0. But you chose 4 tho

  5. Yo… The Wizards actually look pretty decent. And Westbrook looks rejuvenated. Beal looks crisp. They keep playing like this. They might make some noise in the East.

  6. Westbrook is one of the best players in NBA until he starts to make mistakes IN CRITICAL MOMENTS when he changes to Westbrick

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