Pistons-Bulls (1989): All Cheap Shots, Altercations, and Techs

For your viewing pleasure, here’s a cumulative rundown of all notable and perceivable cheapshots, altercations, and technical fouls from the 1989 Eastern …



  1. Bulls vs Bad Boy Pistons is probably the most violent sports series in the history of anything that isn't hockey or rugby. Sure we've had bigger brawls and fights, but it was constantly something.

  2. And people are mad at mj for talking about Isaiah and the Pistons in the Last Dance. They were thugs and everybody thought they were bad for the NBA

  3. And there are still some Pistons players that says that they were just "a physical team, just like any of the eastern teams in the 90s"…

    Yeah… right.

  4. One of my favorite quotes from Charles Barkley about Chuck Daley coaching the dream team. “He coached in Detroit, and if he could coach those assholes, he can coach anybody.”

  5. Rodman performed a drop kick and knee combo in mid air!!!
    And the commentator talked about it like it was no big deal! Now, these were the days of glory!

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