1. i am 35 y.o i remember the old good bulls with jordan,pippen luc,,kukoc,rodman etc. what a great team. as a stranger i am from greece the question is. bulls or lakers what is more worth to support as team

  2. This is a good video happy to see more women getting into sports u don’t see it a lot besides on espn but those people don’t really even know sports

  3. Let him go he is garbage anyways he can only play well if he’s on a team that’s already winning like if he was on the clippers or rockets so whatever it don’t bother me

  4. It's not even halfway through this season and their big free-agent signing already wants out. Let's be real nobody on the Bulls is happy right now or have been for a while. Worst organization in the NBA! And yet the front office still have jobs for some reason! 😒

  5. I think this id made up the guy just sign with us he knew what was the situation n to be honest nobody really probably going to want him i think for the money the bulls are paying him n if they do their not gonna wanna give up much for him i think!!!

  6. Forget about the Thaddious Young rumor, The real issue that has to addressed urgently is the team and their coaching staff.
    Did you see last night's ridiculous showing? I had to turn it off before halftime, and I'm glad I did when I saw the final score. This has to be the worst of the worst. Mr. Reinsdorf, we waited too long already, it's time to make the move. You know what I mean.
    Gut the entire coaching staff and get some quality people to run the team. Everyone was so excited at the off season moves which resulted in this? Same old rotten record and on and on. Now is the time, Jerry, to make drastic changes. And, I mean NOW!! Right NOW!!

  7. My thinking was that he was there to help solidify the Bulls! When you're down, and still trying to find your way very one would try to give you advice! Every one wants to throw in their two cents, and make the water even more murky! We'll see how it plays out! Some of the top brass might be let go, players traded away all that fly stuff! Lol Go Bulls!

  8. I saw that interview. Thad was professional yet honest with answer. Cowley is starting drama by exaggerating Young's statements. Thing is, this Bulls season is already a lost year. For the rest of the season drama and pettiness are going to take center stage. Let's see what kind of character these young Bulls players have while facing adversity

  9. Diana I agree with you about Crowley never like his articles but had to read it because it's Bulls news in the only newspaper I buy. I don't trust Crowley about anything he's trash.

  10. Old school hip hop again, oh yeah sis🤩❤😊 good vid… keep on going🤗 nothing to say but fire "because I said so" Boylen!!!!! Im soooooooo down no because of Lauri, you should trade him becouse in this situation the Bulls are fucked 4 life😞🤬
    GO BULLS🐃🙂

  11. Joe made all this up, he took a little and made a lot out of the situation, Thaddeus probably just wants a chance to help in the 4th quarter when the team (and coach) are blowing leads.

  12. I like Thad Young, but let's be real. The Bulls players who need to be complaining about their minutes are Daniel Gafford & Denzel Valentine. They barely playing 10 minutes a game. Maybe.

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