1. love watching all the old bulls games… i love it how they all walk around like they've already won. it must've been so hard to play against these guys and not get sucked into the emotion of it. even after time outs the players would walk back to play with such swag and poise as if they knew they were going to win. its insane to watch..

  2. What did Pip say to that man as he dangled his man parts in his face? Can someone with footage of his lips please answer this?! The brutal hatred between the teams, the emotion of the current intense battle, the epic incredibleness of that dunk, the surge of domination as you stand over your fallen nemesis, what words came to his mind at that moment?! I'm sure they were profane but I'm an adult

  3. I remember being 5 years old I was walking around grabbing my little tiny nuts and pooping on the carpet and shit, then I turned and saw the dunk happen. Good times

  4. Pippen could finish smooth with a nice finger roll or whatever, but when he made up his mind to dunk that man always finished strong!

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