1. #3 its like he waited for the defender to get to him so he could purposely put him on a poster. have a look at the replay. looks at defender. smiles. ends career

  2. Like few others here I personally prefer #2 dunk. It's the quintessence of Scottie's dunking style: one arm, raised to the sky. Like a Greek God. Pure classical beauty. And nasty like thunder from Zeus.

  3. mans don't dunk on people like they use to… now everyone is shooting 3's, Curry wannabes. I saw Pau Gasol shooting 3's against Memphis the other night, horrible.

  4. Love how Pippen would show you the ball and still dunk on you, like saying here it is, good luck trying to block it ! Made for some of the best facial dunks, i honestly feel that he did it on purpose to try and increase the chances of demoralizing his opponents as much as possible…so beautiful…

  5. Майкл и Скотти это художники баскетбола . Такой феноменальной связки никогда больше мы не увидим…

  6. That Travis Best one has no business being on here…it was a standard dunk…Pip didn't even get that high on it. (his vert was shit this entire season after the first surgery…he'd get some of it back in 99, but he was already 33 by then anyway)

  7. Scottie is underrated as a dunker because he played with Michael Jordan…he pretty much shit on everyone in the league too for an entire decade.

  8. Jordan himself taught Pippen the defense and Pippen surpassed Jordan in that field. But in other aspects like Dunking, Basketball IQ, Assists, 3 Point shooting, rebounding Jordan owns Pippen.

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