Should The Chicago Bulls Draft Patrick Williams in the 2020 NBA Draft?

Pat The Designer Looks at Tape of Patrick Williams and Asks Gives you His Thoughts on if The Chicago Bulls Should Draft Him Tonight . who do you think The …



  1. Tyrus Thomas written all
    Over him,, being the 4th over all they will call and run plays for him and he haven’t shown he can do that also he’s a under size 4 because he haven’t got the ball on the 3 yet and did a move and scored everything was catch below the free throw line and dunk or layup

  2. I love the pick Williams can defend, he has speed, athleticism, size, he's a rim protector, kid got a lot of up side. The bulls made the right choice they pick need

  3. I know what I think this was a rlly underrated pick by AK! Pat look like he could be sum special. He got the size, nba ready body, athleticism, best defender in the draft, decent jumper etc! He could be rlly nice I’m telling u bulls fans shouldn’t be so sad. He’s not so bad man!

  4. Bad pick. He has role player written all over him. The Bulls already have Chandler Hutchinson. Deni or Obi would have been better.

  5. PAY ATTENTION TO THE RECENT PLAYOFFS -This is a excellent pick up, look at Jeremy Grant, Nort, and the Heat 3-5. I think Otto, Carter jr, and Williams at the 4 is a top 5 3-5 in the east if healthy and honestly I bring lauri off the bench and D these NBA teams up

    Position less Basket ball is NOW

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