Should The Chicago Bulls Hire Billy Donovan As Their Next Head Coach?!? #DemBulls

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  1. Thanks for watching guys! Let me know your thoughts on Billy Donovan being the Chicago Bulls head coach..Also let me know your thoughts on ppl suggesting Scottie Pippen being the next head coach lol. As always, I appreciate the support on this channel so much. Stay safe & healthy!

  2. Donovan has coached Paul George, Chris Paul, Westbrook and K.D.
    I dont remember hearing players being unhappy to play for him and his teams have made a few deep playoff runs. This season's Thunder team won alot of games with not the most talented roster. My first thought when I heard the rumor is that I'll pass, but after reading a little bit about him I've become intrigued.

  3. The one debate that should be looked at carefully is the "Is it better to hire someone with head coaching experience, or are you okay with giving an assistant their first shot?" Seems like most people fall on one side or the other, without many being indifferent to this choice. So, it kind of starts out of there, and which camp one is in. That gives the Bulls something like 2 lists, the previous head coaching guys, and the assistants, or former players (hey, that's a thing too now, Nash..)

    So I guess that in the end, you take the top 2 from each category and put them on some sort of final candidates list, and make the choice from there. I do know this, no matter who they end up hiring the Bulls fan base is going to explode. They can't satisfy all sides of the fan base's preferences. If they go with a newbie, the "former head coach contingency" will go nuts, and if they do hire a former head coach, the fans who preferred one or another person from the assistants ranks will slam whoever the hire is.

    Even within these 2 individual sectors of former head coaches and "others", there doesn't seem to much support for any one overall consensus of who is the #1 prospect. So, there will be bitching regardless of who is hired. But we know that. It is sort of similar to the who should they draft question and the various camps of support in that debate. Similar in that, in my view, they should take the view of the who is the "best fit" for this current roster, since it is most likely not going to change much in any significant way.

    They don't need to be looking for that guy who is the guy a team looks at to win you a title because he's that elite. Which is why I am okay with choosing someone from the assistant ranks to nurture their young roster. It means an emphasis on player development, yeah, anyone remember that? Whoever it is won't be the guy to lead this team to a title over the course of the contract he receives, this team is simply not that close to that. Not to mention that the names who fall into that "elite" bigger name guys, will be the most expensive, count on it.

    In other words, "You don't need a Mercedes Benz to deliver pizzas".

  4. Well Donovan hasn't done anything on the the pro level, and he always had star players to help propel his teams, so why wonder that he doesn't want a rebuilding team. And it has been shared that some of his play calling is questionable! Hey if they call drag out Steve Nash to coach why not Scottie, if I'm not mistake he had input into the Triangle Offense! Go Bulls!

  5. Thanks for mentioning me and my Comment about Scottie Pippen becoming the Head Coach but I think we did actually have some type of dialoque about Scottie Stepping in and Reshaping the Chicago Bulls and Preparing them for the PlayOffs before Jim Boylan had became the Head Coach ! SP has never mentioned that he would like to Coach but then again no one has ever stepped to him with an Assistant Head Coaching Position and I really feel like that's a Sign of DisRespect to his NBA Legacy !

  6. I agree with your take on Billy Donovan and personally I think he's a good coach but I would want them to sign either Ime Udoka or Kenny Atkinson…Oh and I forgot my wild card coach that I would like the Chicago Bulls to definitely take a look at is Ron Adams Golden States Assistant Coach and he was also Chicago Bulls Assistant Coach Back in the Rose/Thibs Era when we had the best record in the league in 2011-2012 seasons…people credit Thibs for the Bulls Stellar defense for those years but its a fact that Ron Adams was the Wiz behind the curtain!!!!!

  7. On Billy Donovan possibly being the next head coach of the Bulls I really don't know how I feel about that because the one player I am concerned about as far as his development is Lauri markkanen he has a high ceiling when it comes to his potential but I want a head coach thats going to maximize his potential and for Scottie Pippen I just can't see him being a coach for the Bulls it's a lot of question marks when it comes to his relationship with the bulls if he wants to be a head coach I just don't see what the Bulls

  8. I want best guy to develop our young players & help elevate Zach & Lauri to a superstar & star respectively. Atkinson has been my first preference. He shown the skill of improving/development of youngins.

  9. The Chicago Bulls are my number one team, but the OKC Thunder are my number two. Should the Bulls hire Billy Donovan — no. He couldn’t do it with Westbrook-Durant era, he couldn’t do it with Westbrook-George duo, and recently he couldn’t get past the First-Round again with a somewhat solid team, though they did give the Rockets a fight. He does have the experience as a veteran coach, but someone else should be more suitable. If we get him, we get him, but I would have mixed feelings.

  10. IF he wanted to take on the task of this messy team, I say why not? Clearly has experience, never heard of him butting heads with his players, and would be good for the development of the team. But still very much open to Kenny Atkinson or Ime Udonka. I heard the name Chauncey Billups also. I'm not opposed to Billups, but with the past experiences with Hoiberg and (He who shall not be named) I kind of hope we get someone with actual head coach experience

  11. Not a bad shout but the Woj rumours don’t make sense. Billy wants to coach a veteran team to make a run at the title not a young team like the Bulls.

    Ime Udoka is definitely the number one choice or at least should be.

  12. I want Bill-ups, not Billy lol. The Pippen idea would be horrible IMO because if he gets off to a bad start, this city/media would destroy him. He wouldn't get the protection that Paxson had IMO.

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