Should The Chicago Bulls Trade PG Kris Dunn?

I discuss the report that the Chicago Bulls are looking to trade PG Kris Dunn and whether they should move him or not. Make sure to subscribe and give the …



  1. Can y’all explain why people don’t like Chris Dunn? I liked him out of providence, I know his first year in the league was not GREAT but since then he hasn’t been bad even last year wasn’t a wash IMO I jus think it’s a lot of undu hate

  2. Should they trade him? Yeah if they can get a better fit in return. They don't need to though, he's not trash.

  3. Hey Faizan! Just wanted to say that I recently subbed to your channel and I’ve been watching your vids everyday!!! I was even waiting for you to post a video when the Bulls signed Luke Kornet, and I was so excited to watch it when you did!

    I’m a huge Bulls fan and I can honestly say I love your input on how the Bulls operate/should operate. I like that you’re a realistic when it comes to who we should sign/trade/etc. Keep it up bro! I’ll keep supporting you!

  4. What about letting lemon jr get some of those min that they are giving dunn? Those last few games might have been garbage but dude showed some promise.

  5. Keeping KD for competition purposes would make Coby White better given KD’s elite defense. I’m with you on waiting until the trade deadline if all else fails.

  6. Dunn for Ntilikina. Frank can play defense and has size. He could work with Coby long term. We have vets now so let's get younger. Frank is still a child. Dunn could start for NY haha

  7. I like your analysis, but I think we should trade him. Primarily, because he needs the ball in his hand to be effective on the offensive end. With the Bulls going to multi-ball handling system you have to be able to shoot when you're off the ball. Something Dunn struggles with and his release is really slow. I say get what you can for him even if it's a late 1st even high second. (I had high hopes for Dunn but he has not progressed)

  8. Kris Dunn is a good player anyone who plays defense should be given time to develop especially knowing he hasn’t stayed healthy

  9. Well they just signed Archie so Dunn is Done. I agree with your perspective but Coby, Sato, and Arch are in the rotation. Dunn would be out and might as well trade him to a team that may give him a chance to work out the kinks. I think the Bulls and fans have seen enough of him to say that he isn’t going to be the answer at PG.

  10. I like Dunn. He is a good young talent. Very hard to find that. He plays good D. And yes if there are any injuries then we would really need him! He would be an amazing backup PG

  11. The Bulls should keep Dunn and see what he will do this season but I see why they will because they might want more playing time for the rookie and their new player with the starting players.

  12. I don’t understand why satoranski is seen has a good pg, I just don’t see it he’s probably a little better then archie but only cause he’s a bigger guy. Not sold on sato at all imo

  13. Every team needs a young defensive pg in fairness to him the coaching situation and management was confusing to say the least plus he wasn’t utilized at all in Minnesota, I’ve seen things that I do like and I feel his presence will only help Coby White from playing against a decent defensive guard like Kris’s I agree be patient and see what’s out there to help the team but Felicio …. gone at this point find a decent back up center because he’s not it , unfortunately it may mean packaging Kriss to but that’s a move I would make to build an up and coming young team, key is waiting for the right and “ best” situation for the team, Also it wouldn’t hurt to bring Mark Jackson in as the coach.

  14. The bulls need a 3 and d guy. So if they can package Dunn and Felicio to get one than I'm all for it. No player is perfect, but you don't waste your time on players who don't bring the same effort every time.

  15. You were right about the Randle contract, but lets be real hes overpaid and look who gave him the contract. The WORST front office in the NBA. Still you were right. And I mean Coby can compete with Sat. for the starting job. If you cant get ANY 2nd round pick for Kris Dunn id trade him.

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