Should The Chicago Bulls Trade The 7th Pick In The 2019 NBA Draft? | 2019 NBA Draft News + Rumors!

Should The Chicago Bulls Trade The 7th Pick In The 2019 NBA Draft? | 2019 NBA Draft News + Rumors!


  1. Dont pick pg(one have no defense, another one is sexton2.0), take best avaliable. Culver or Reddish. Sign Beverly or DRose, keep Dunn for bench.

  2. The Bulls would miss out on the 3 best Guards in this draft Morant, Garland and White. I'D take Conley off the Grizzlies hands if his contract comes with 1st rounders. Id take a chance on Lozno, i don't see anyone that good or worth the 7th pick anyway compared to the past 2 drafts where there was always someone there. Lonzo might be a bad shooter at this stage but he has way more upside and is a better player than anyone the Bulls can draft. I actually dont see the Bulls trading the pick though, knowing GarPax they are the most incompetent trade negotiators in the NBA and always p[lay it safe. They will run a player into the ground even though they need to trade him earlier(Noah, Deng, Taj)but only trade them once they have no value. I'd say go after Malcolm Brogdon in free agency, offer him and Jabari Parker 20mill a season deal but guarantee both seasons maybe even pay him more but no longer than 2 seasons nut GarPax wont get him unless they do something stupid. Terry Rozier might be the best option since he could be for way less say 10mill a season 3-4 years witch would be a good deal for him. He plays Defense, isn't afraid, wants starter minutes, a clear role and a pay day the bulls can give him all 3.

  3. Good video. I think that the Bulls should only trade the 7th pick only if it is for a good player. I don't think the Bulls should trade for someone like Conley. But we will have to see what the Bulls can do.

  4. Get Coby White…if hes gone, Cam Reddish because Otto is gonna be gone next year💯

    P.S. Reddish gonna shock the NBA.
    Reddish, Deandre Hunter, Ja Morant & Coby White💯💯💯

  5. Coby White =Jerian Grant. Garbage guards not allowed. You'll be disappointed. How can u be sold on White after seeing what we had with Rose. We need a facilitator not a overrated shoot first wannabe point. Dunn isn't gonna get it either he's a bench guard.

  6. Tbh I want the bulls to sign rose as a back up and keep Dunn in the starting line up I feel like this offseason he’s putting in that work hearing all the talk of needing a point guard , and then draft cam reddish if available

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