Should The Chicago Bulls Trade Zach Lavine For Bradley Beal? Trade Rumors & Speculation!

Should The Chicago Bulls Trade Zach Lavine For Bradley Beal? Trade Rumors & Speculation!


  1. I hate these “ Zach Lavine trade rumors “ he’s our best player it’s like saying Houston is gonna trade James Harden. It just doesn’t make sense.

  2. This would be such a hard decision. What would happen if he doesn’t like Chicago and doesn’t wanna stay? I think if I want to pull the trigger on the trade I would need some sort of guarantee that he will extend the contract.
    But injury wise, they are both healthy right now so you have to take it as that, you can’t say oh what happens if Zach gets injured. Anybody can get injured, look at PG13 or Hayward. They were healthy before major injuries happened. So that should be never questioned.
    Also hell no I would not give up Zach, Hutch and 2 first round picks. No way in hell.
    Also Bradley Beal is not a superstar buddy. He’s a star, but far from superstar.

  3. The call movement would be a lot better better spot up shooter Lavine good but doesn’t make anyone around him better Otto came maybe everyone better with defense and good high quality shots random thought if only the bulls traded up for idk a trae young that would’ve been the best shooting core since the warriors and rockets but all we can do is see if nothing changes someone needs to be traded but Beal is one of the elite shooters and defenders at the sg position

  4. Zach IS a Superstar and he's not injured NOW…thats all that matters …and AGAIN Beal IS NOT better than Lavine..the Bulls should stand pat 💯…we already have a IT guy on Lavine..PERIOD

  5. Ok we already have Otto Porter, Tomas Saoransky, then you add Beal we would be Wizards lite! Lol I would rather keep what we have in which I think we have a good nucleus. When you start getting these free agents you start talking money! Hey wait and see!

  6. never heard anybody say they want to play with lavine? the only time players bring up lavine is when it's about the dunk contest! beal is better than lavine and the only thing Zach is better at is his dunking ability! beal would give the bulls a better chance to get free agents because he is more respected around the league! people bring up that beal is older? what? beal will be 26 the whole year and lavine will be 25 in march so it's just a 1 year difference! sorry I'm a die hard bulls fan but not biased like most of your fans trey!

  7. I remember when this article pops out weeks before draft night "Chicago open to trading anybody, anything not named Lauri Markkanen or Wendell Carter Jr.LaVine almost certainly isn’t getting traded unless a legitimate superstar," bulls might trade lavine if they have a chance in getting beal with the right price tag.

  8. Beal being 26 & LaVine 24 isn't too much of a gap. I'd do it because Beal is an all-around player plus plays defense. I'd swap 1 of the 1st rounders for a 2nd though because LaVine isn't just some throw-in player. Maybe that would be enticing enough to land Greek Freak.

  9. Zach is our guy, hes as close to untouchable as you can get until he delivers in the playoffs as a player can get. Beal has hit his prime, Zach hasn't, he has one more step to climb which will make him better than Beal. I thought we established during the off season that Zach & Lauri are the Bulls & Beal wouldnt even be the improvement you've implied because Zach is about to pass him & other shooting guards this year. Major asset Zach brings which Beal doesnt is that getting to the rim so easy & physically intimidating defenses with his speed & handles plus jumping ability so if needed he can drive in for a dunk or layup against multiple de fenders which only about 3 or 4 others in the league have that. Dont forget Beal was without J Wall but still had veterans to help him out which Zach didnt, he was our vet. Watch & see Bulls fans, THE RISE OF SKYWALKER aka Zach LaVine this year with a full healthy team & he will be considered an MVP player very soon.

  10. He is not the boost we need. Beal isn't a superstar either. Because Wall was out his stats jumped. I'd rather target a bigger fish. To tell the truth I can't imagine a good Lavine trade.

  11. I saw this headline right away and I dont eant this to happen ;(. Only way it can be made possible for me is if they include Rui Hachimura, But I doubt they would. Maybe we can add on ours to and give Kris Dunn & Cristiano Felicio. Only way I let it happen if I were GM, so id say no.

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