1. I think it's funny when he dunks, because he's not as tall as the others, so he has to lift his arms to the maximum x) he's cute ❤️

  2. As a Warriors fan, you really made me feel better by putting "Nasty Dunk" in the title, you didn't have to do that but thank you

  3. "Nasty dunk compilation" lol this video is a joke. If these are nasty dunks, then Lonzo Ball is Steph curry with a 40-inch vert.
    no hate to curry, but he's not a dunker. Don't make a compilation out of it.

  4. Looks like Curry and Lebron has the same amount of variety in their dunk arsenal.

    Oh and nothing nasty about these dunks. Not a hater but that clickbait is 😒

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