1. Lmaoo he was wild open they said in traffic Jordan wasn’t nothing but a spokesman for Nike and a money maker for the nba he’s not the giat

  2. Bulls Huddle and change directions Michael was not feeling comfortable to take the last shot so instead Michael passes the ball to Steve to make the last shot🏀🏀🏀🔥🔥🔥

  3. steve kerr was like robin. you dont notice him when hes there because youd rather see batman but when batman needs his ass pulled out the fire everyones happy to have robin around then

  4. To me, this clip is why Jordan is the greatest of all time. His ability to analyze the defense, find the best offensive strategy, and instantly execute it has not been seen in the NBA since. So many guys would have tried to make that heavily contested shot, but Jordan sees the open man passes and gets the his fifth ring.

  5. 0:03 – Mentally casting a Native American dream catcher on Mike’s psyche.

    0:05 – I’m not sweatin’ this. We got Mike. I’m also not even sweating.

    0:07 – This Gatorade tasty AF.

    0:09 – Damn. These Utah n*ggas tough.

    0:10 – They gonna double team the F outta me, especially Stockton little sneaky ass..

    0:11 – Who else gonna be open?

    0:13 – Nah n*gga you trippin’.

    0:15 – He do be hittin’ them shots tho.

    0:16– F*ck it. We still got a game 7.

    0:18 – Mike got this.

    0:20 – Imagining how hard he’s going to f*cking punch Steve Kerr in the face after the game if he misses this shot.

    0:22 – Says F*ck it.

    0:25 – Projecting confidence. ::legit terrified inside::

    0:27 – Aight, damn…loud ass mf’er.

    0:37 – Here’s the rock, Daddy.

    0:43 – F*** you, Stockton!

    0:46 – Swishes a perfect shot out of sheer fear of Jordan.

    0:49 – That’s wtf I’m talking’ bout boy!

    0:58 – lame white guy (misses fist bump)

    1:01 – cool white guy (swishes game winner)

    1:05 – Saw Jordan hug Kerr. Rages towards glory.

    1:09 – Jebi se ti Utah JebačI !!!!

    1:12 – That Lake in Utah reached never before seen levels of saltiness.

    1:26 – You still my boy, Pippen.

    1:27 – Pippen is happy.

    (All jokes, not meant to be taken serious. Much respect to this team and it’s fans)

  6. Michael Jordan is double teamed so he dishes you the ball with seconds left on the clock. You swish the game winning shot to win the NBA championship. So many times I would imagine this exact scenario in my backyard shooting hoops. I don’t know what would be a bigger reward, getting the trophy or receiving a double handed high five from the G.O.A.T. acknowledging you as “the man”. He’s a bad white boy. Steve “The Man Who Lived My Childhood Dream” Kerr.

  7. Man MJ could have had that shot himself…but decided to do it next year lol! He instead gave it to the little man Kerr and he hit it! For a player like him to trust his teammates like that, it shows why he is MJ!

  8. I WAS AT THIS GAME! Standing room only section in the nose bleed seats but I remember being behind the basket and seeing Kerr's shot go in while standing on my tip toes because everyone was up on their feet! For some reason I thought it was a 3 point shot that Kerr hit, probably because it all happened so fast. Great times!

  9. As historically great as Jordan was physically, it was his mental game that will never be touched. If you watch the documentary, MJ goes through his entire thought process as to why he was going to give Kerr the shot. He could read these defense schemes before they even started. He knew exactly where the defenders were going to be and he knew that would leave Kerr open. Sheer brilliance by the goat. And of course nails from Kerr to seal the deal.

  10. Michael seemed undecisive. Calls Steve. Steve gives his yes. Epic sequence. Moving when Michael acknowledged Steve. Like brothers hugging each other, Mike with that tap on the back of the head, Steve a mild tap on his big brother's face. Huuuuu! Moving!

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