1. They can make the playoffs. Teams were struggling against them the entire season. Majority of the games were close, and injuries sucked. Also, Jim Boylen sucked.

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  3. I feel like our team is going into the season with a chip on their shoulder. Zach wants to show that he’s an all star and get this team to playoff push, Lauri has gotta redeem himself after the slump he had last year, patt Williams gotta show why he’s the #4 pick and we got some good young guys like gafford and Wendell to help with the playoff push… I almost forgot about the absolute stud that is coby white hopefully he can be a full time starter this year #seered

  4. Upgrades the bulls have made
    •New Front Office
    •New assistant coaching staff
    •Switched the literal worst coach in the NBA out for Billy Donovan, who was third in COTY voting
    •New medical staff
    •Filled the SF spot and signed a veteran guard to help Coby White

    Realistically I can see them going 38-44 and making the play-in tournament

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