The BEST Toronto Raptors Plays of the 2020 Season! – WE THE CHAMPS!

Here is my compilation of the best Raptors plays of the 2019-20 NBA season! NBA video clips used in this video are licensed through partnership with NBA …



  1. Damn.. I started bursting into tears lol. Such a great team this year, really destined to go to the finals. Only coach that could stop Giannis in the East. But Raptors overall are a much more talented team than Milwaukee so yes it would of been Lakers vs Raptors in finals. Yes you could put Clippers but with the way the Lakers were playing I do not see Clippers beating Lakers in a 7 game series.

  2. The raps are so fun to watch. Definitely need more exposure. An afterthought in the NBA and 2nd to hockey in Canada … And also holy moly what a video!!

  3. They just keep persevering through adversity and winning. Best bench, great defence and great coaching. Sad that Covid has crippled the league and really hobbled all of the professional sports and leagues.

  4. Well done. I miss my Raps and the NBA. This season was so promising. I fear it's over until further notice.

  5. The Raptors are the Spurs of the North. Supremely run organization from top to bottom and it shows on the court. No superstars but the 1-2 seed year after year and now championship pedigree on top of it all. Watch em beat the Bucks.

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