The Chicago Bulls Are Interested In Kenny Atkinson! | NBA's Suspension & More Bulls News!

The Chicago Bulls Are Interested In Kenny Atkinson! | NBA’s Suspension & More Bulls News! ——————————————————————— | Shoutout to …



  1. The Bulls should give Tyrone Lue a shot, but knowing them, they’ll probably hire someone nobody’s ever heard of. That said, no matter what…Boylen must go.

  2. Atkinson also had pretty bad roster for 16-17 and 17 -18 season had the same squad but added Russell to roster. Thats why his win percentage was low those seasons.

  3. I really like Kidd as a head coach I’d hire him he is definitely an option, I also like it if we even looked at Becky Hammon as a wild card, also why not Sam Cassell, n even Mike Brown

  4. Corona bullshit…interesting. The Bulls need a tenured winning coach. But b4 that they need to get a legitimate GM. And Pax needs 2 not be involved in anything having to do with coaching. The new HC needs to be empowered. I like Mark Fizdale for our team. He comes from the Heat culture and a culture change is absolutely necessary in Chicago

  5. I like this nets head coach, he can be way much better then Jim boylen can't do anything right for the Chicago Bulls offensive, hopefully bulls get rid of him for good

  6. Going for a proven commodity like Kenny would be ideal. Proven to build culture in an organisation which we need. I would trust him far more greatly than Boylen with developing the likes of Coby, Lauri, Wendel, Lavine etc

  7. Jason kidd? Did you see how the bucks played with him as a coach. Nets played beautiful basketball and furthermore they won games. We have an equal or even better team than the nets last year. Imagine What he could do with our Young talent. He is known for being great at developing Young players. The nets players loved him last year. We need a coach that the players will like instead of Jim boylen they all find super annoying.

  8. Dave Joeger had the Kings going in the right direction, but was let go for Luke Walton, Dave would be an excellent choice

  9. Jason Kidd has had the same type of teams and record as the Nets coach so I don't see how that's any different.. but i'm really missing basketball for sure even if we were loosing

  10. Have to say I'm happy that they are interested in Kenny and considering of having him as the bulls couch. He's may not be the best of the best but hey lest we won't have a useless couch like Boylen to worry about. I'd take him over Boylen anyday lol. Really hope they get rid of the egg head clown 😅Hoping they will discuss Kenny to be the bulls couch. Like you said I know there is better couches out there but lest we will have a new couch that will actually get our team back on there feet ✌️and will properly manage the team and not make a embarrassment of us. Have that clown Boylen gone.. Complete idiot he is😅
    The corona virus though. Everyone's bloody freaking out real bad it's insane haha. Hoping it all goes away soon lol. Thanks for another awesome video🤙

  11. I really think we need a new medical staff team
    Because we always seem to have serious injuries. It all started with Derrick Rose
    What are some free agents that can help us next season. I’m a big fan of Moe Harkless. Or should we risk everything and give Brandon Ingram the Max

  12. Bruh, I watch your channel from time to time and it's pretty good and reliable,but bro,what are you looking at? Did you not see that brooklyn improved every year behind his coaching? Even with what he was forced to work with? Really? I think hes done a hell of a job. As far as this season,well, that plays into Kyrie. Hes uncoachable and takes the ball out of everyone's hand. Just look at how much better that team has played without Kyrie on the floor. I mean we did see the emergence of Spencer Dinwiddie behind Atkinson's coaching and player development. I figure,give him a shot and allow these young boys to play to their strength to where we as fans can see some victories, especially over the teams we should be favored against
    Anyway,great video as always

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