The Chicago Bulls Are Interested In Trading For Andre Drummond! | Chicago Bulls News & More!

The Chicago Bulls Are Interested In Trading For Andre Drummond! | Chicago Bulls News & More! ——————————————————————– Instagram …



  1. If the bulls is interested in trading for Drummond then go ahead before other teams could snatch him. There are also teams who are interested to trade for him. Chicago Bulls should act swiftly.

  2. I'll trade Otto straight up for Drummond and no draft picks but Whiteside would be a better option. Drummond free throw shooting is terrible too..

  3. Wendell Carter career 3yrs
    11ppg 8rbd 1bk FG 51% and has yet to play a full season

    Andre Drummond the past 3 years
    18ppg 14rbs 2bkls FG 53% not injury prone
    Drummond been in the league over nine seasons and he still putting up respectable numbers how is he not better.

  4. Andre Drummond is exactly what the Bulls need in a center. A rebounder a defensive guy and a low-post threat. For the past 9 Seasons this guy has been a double-double machine and he gets you 1 to 2 blocks a game. He's definitely not the flashiest but he does the dirty work and gets the job done something Wendell lacks. And it's not entirely Wendell's fault considering he was never a true center to begin with. He should've been playing his natural position but that was the old front office regime trying to make a player into something they not. Drummond is definitely a Donovan type of player. I'm Karnisovas you definitely get this trade done and it adds another veteran player for us.

  5. Give us Lauri, ya'll done with em right?, throwing a big waste contract like porter lol you can has Osman, he's coming along better than Otto atm

  6. Omg people want this?!?!? Some bulls fans man 😂

    There's no fkn way ak goes for Drummond, he's just not worth it, unless it costs nothing and it's just to end the season, if we give Drummond a big contract I'm giving up on ak

  7. I think we need drummond cause we don't have nothing in that position trade otto if we play this right we could get a two for one at the trade deadline

  8. Definitely way better than Wendell Carter Jr. Drummond is a huge upgrade for the bulls at the center position.

  9. I think despite the empty calories stats he's been known for, he will be playing for Billy Donovan who so far has been really good in maximizing the talent of his players. Making them play as a team, and with a winning attitude. If he can instill the same kind of mentality to Andre, we might see a different player. Remember when most Bulls fans wanted Thad out last year? Things can change when you have a good coach.

  10. Drummond for Porter Jr. and a second rounder sounds about right. The only other package would be Porter Jr. and Chandler Hutchinson for Drummond and whoever is on a rookie contract or free agent contract. Cavs are catching a break because Porter is a free agent after this year while Drummond's contract may have 4 more years at 28 mil a year. With Drummond's contract Cavs shouldn't expect too much.

  11. I don't think it will be effective to get Drummond if they are going to continue the style of play they are currently using. Post play in the NBA appears to be a thing of the past. We are asking big men to shoot 3's instead of playing near or under the basket. If this is done, of course rebounds will be down. Teams are bailing out when shots go up, meaning there is already a lack of offensive rebounds! The Bulls already have players like Gafford, whom they don't seem to be using in the right way. If Drummond is playing the post and the ball goes through him on occasions, it could work, but Gafford could do that! The big men seem to score on put backs, which is the by product of offensive rebounds. If you check the box scores you'll see that besides Thaddeus Young, not many of the players will even have an offensive rebound at the end of a game. It's not a "make or miss league," it's a copycat league! If the Bulls dare to change how they play, and not do what everyone else is doing, they would be even better!

  12. I’ve seen a potential 3-way trade circulating which i think would be nice, as much as I like Markkanen.
    Bulls Get:
    -Andre Drummond
    -Lonzo Ball

    Pelicans Get:
    -Lauri Markkanen
    -Dylan Windler
    -Chandler Hutchinson

    Cleveland Cavaliers Get:
    -Otto Porter Jr.
    -Bulls’ 2022 2nd Round Pick (Set to swap with Pelicans)
    -Pelicans’ 2022 2nd Round Pick

    What u think?

  13. Dude,the Bulls are contenders. BBall is 5 on 5.They are the playoff hunt. Get what you need and go to war. We have been waiting the last 15yrs. There is no need to wait. The season is now! Nobody said its going to be easy to win a championship. Front office please do your damn job. Get Billy Donavan what he needs and let him out coach these so call contenders. Get Drummond, D Cousins, Lonzo add Isaiah Thomas and JJ Reddick to the bench for playoff experience and outside shooting. Donavan is the best coach in the NBA . Give him a chance now !!! There is nothing to wait for only one team can win the championship.

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