The Chicago Bulls Are Signing Thaddeus Young To a 3 Year 41 Million Deal | Chicago Bulls Free Agency

The Chicago Bulls Are Signing Thaddeus Young To a 3 Year 41 Million Deal | Chicago Bulls Free Agency


  1. Hey bulls fans, John Paxson has worked feverishly for months to get some great free agents. Thaddeus Young Gar and Paxs' work is done. Let's give them both a 5 year extension and give Boylan an extra 3 years….

  2. Gentlemen let me iterate this no matter how great your starting five are, and you’ve been blessed with the youngest and potentially most gifted young nucleus in the east, you need that veteran influence for your younger players, T Young stats were decent last season, not all-star numbers “but” he was an intricate part of a good second unit on the floor that’s invaluable during a playoff run, I think they’re either to , bring in a Pat Bev, who in my opinion would put this team deep in the playoffs, or a George Hill, not the player he once was but thinking about the future of your team the young guard core could learn something from a guy who’s been in the league for some time, if they keep Dunn, offense will be on T Young , and Hutch, and think what experience he’ll get from the vet let those young guns flourish, develop, Remember David West was at the very end of his career when he was at G state, but I’ll bet was a great locker room influence, much like Iggy was recently, the way you build is through youth and experience, plus in today’s game and the East being what it is now he came a lot cheaper than Mal Brogdon, give Coby White those minutes and let him develop plus Dunn if he’s here is going to push the hell out of him in practice just like T Young is with Carter, and Lauri so that’s the intangibles that they’re paying for, what I wouldn’t give to sit in on one of those practices, we got a little time let’s be patient, cause Coby and Zach might be a problem so will Lauri and Otto Wendell will learn a lot from T Young , he already has considerable tools this will only make him better they going to be going at it in practice for real, I hope management makes the right pick ups this season, it seems like they know that got a good up and coming core, I will say I would’ve loved if they would have brought Avery Johnson in to coach or Mark Jackson.

  3. I'm sorry to keep commenting, but this is pissing me off. The only way any Bulls fan should go to a Bulls game, is on the road, or management pays us to fill the seats. This is just disgusting.

  4. All this does is keep us mired in mediocrity. We have never won in the free agent sweepstakes. All we do is get 3rd and 4th tier players that tie up cap space. The truth is that the Bulls aren't even really trying to build a championship contender.

  5. This is a good pickup that we needed. A veteran who can teach these young team some things. No only does he bring experience but has above average defense + rebounding which this team really lacks & also brings offense from post to shooting. Now we can get rid of Cristiano Felicio overpriced contract & Robin Lopez who is good & i respect b/c he brings it every night consistently (more on defense + effort) but hasn't never really evolve in his game through out his whole career which is why he is also overpriced. Next step is in need of a veteran point guard who knows how to run a team & teach Coby & Dunn; maybe like Ricky Rubio…. was thinking Daren collision too but he retired. Also Patrick Beverly or Ish Smith would fit.

    Coby/(?Veteran PG?)/Dunn

    I still strongly feel the team needs a player that can guard the other teams best player. No one on the bulls roster right now can make it hard enough for Durant, Harden, LeBron, Gianna's or PG to score unless lavine or Porter (average defender) improve on defense at a elite level. Until it happens then we can start talking about winning a championship.

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