The Chicago Bulls Best Draft Options | 2019 NBA Draft News + Rumors!

The Chicago Bulls Best Draft Options | 2019 NBA Draft News + Rumors!


  1. Why are so many Bulls fans swinging from Culver's nuts? He's overrated in my opinion. He pretty much flopped in most of the tourney games. Hunter shut him down defensively & destroyed him offensively. What's gonna happen in the NBA?

  2. Not really trying to be funny but I was never a advocate of tanking yes Philly got good players and I made a couple playoff runs but they didn't tank in sign these prayers for just a run you play your talent and develop them and create a winning culture just ask the LA Clippers who had every chance to tank but made it to the playoffs competed hard and still have a chance to get a Kevin Durant or Kawhi Leonard also take a look at the Orlando Magic they have a very young team but when they had a chance to make the playoffs they put the pedal to the metal you know your franchise makes money for every playoff game they play you know you have the opportunity to sell merchandise get more TV money for every playoff game you play in this business winning makes money 💰 💰 💰 💰

  3. This the order the bulls need to pick.
    1st Zion
    2nd Morant
    3rd RJ or Hunter
    4th Garland or Coby W
    OFFSEASON MOVES: Sign Cousins for 10 mil. Sign Malcom for 10 mil. You have 6 mil left to spend on a back up point guard.

  4. If we get

    1- Zion
    2- Ja
    3- Ja If he’s available or DeAndre/Jarret
    4- RJ
    5- Coby
    6- Cam
    7- If we drop to 7th again … smh. I’d trade it away or take a project like Sekou

  5. I don't think Bulls will either player SF we have Otto Porter and Chandler Hutchison .
    And Garland is Injured.
    Bulls say they are looking for PG who can push the ball up the court and get it to open players.
    Coby White

  6. If focus Rui Hachimura is available and the top twoband three have already been selected to then they should draft Hachimura and on a guard during free Agency !

  7. fr tho…i think the NBA will make sure the big market teams get the first 2 picks because u know how they luv the big market teams to shine in sports.
    1st pick…Knicks…Z.Williamson
    2nd pick…Bulls …Ja Morant
    3rd pick…Suns …Rj Barrett
    4th pick…Cavs …C.Reddish
    5th pick…Hawks ..J.Culver

    i'll go to vegas with that lottery option💯💯

  8. U might think im crazy but the bulls getting the 3rd if not the 2nd pick in the draft💯
    1st option..Ja Morant
    2nd option..Darius Garland
    3rd option..Cam Reddish
    4th option..Jarrett Culver
    5th option..Ty Jerome

    4 out of 5 will be available for the bulls so its time to put on the thinking caps💯💯

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