The Chicago Bulls Can Not Make This Mistake…

The Chicago Bulls Can Not Make This Mistake… Instagram: hoops_x2 Instrumental produced by Safemi: …



  1. well now the Bulls got nikola vucevic and some other good players they have a new management in AK committed to building around Lavine

  2. You made this video a few days too early. Bulls were active this deadline, most importantly we got Vucevic. First a good center after Noah. Now Lauri can go back to PF and don't have to be C.

  3. I disagree with your premise that Lauri Markkanen can be a consistent, dependable number 2 to Zach. I think it's probably Pat Will. I must say that I have never watched a Bulls YouTube video that I disagree with the overall point but so thoroughly enjoy. Fam, this is a very well made video. Concept is very original and unique. I don't know if you're consistent with this but you definitely have the talent to do this 4 real as long as you continue to come up with fresh ideas. My only complaint about the video is that you left me wanting more. Keep up the good work.

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