1. Update on Beverly: “According to @DraftExpress, there's mutual interest between the Chicago Bulls and Patrick Beverley.”

  2. I had to come back about that center we just drafted if he plays the way he did in college he gone start over wendell dude is a freak of nature😲😲😲

  3. 3 years from now garland will be a superstar point gaurd in the league pull the trigger and get it done , be like ryan pace and get your man , everyone in the league critisized the bears moving up to take mitch trubisky and 3 years latter it looks like ryan pace got his man to lead the bears to the superbowl

  4. I been saying the bulls need to be going after DLo every since it was rumors Kyrie wants to go to the nets. We need to grab Russell and go after Cam Reddish bruh…grabbing Deangelo would take us to the playoffs and he got playoff experience 💯

  5. Good points…I wouldn't trade up for Garland. Keep the 7th pick and draft Sekou Doumboya. No Cam, no Coby. Add a vet PG in FA and let Dunn lead the 2nd unit. The PG draft is in 2020 anyways.

  6. He talking about keep kris Dunn. Should've stopped the video right there you fucking tripping bro.

  7. i like garland but no way id move up for him..if hes there then take him…
    idk about yall heres what id DO….GO AFTER brogdon! outbid the bucks! draft cam reddish
    sign pat beverely or derrick rose for bench. sign morris or aminu for PF for toughness. Draft a center in the 2nd round

  8. Keep Dunn, sign Pat Beverly, sign D. Rose, trade Lopez for a backup PF and Felicio if possible, draft Bol Bol to come in as the backup center.

    I think Dunn is a decent player, but he needs to be on the 2nd unit with a legit scorer. He could cover Rose's defensive weaknesses a little and Rose can clean up with 16 points a night. Bol Bol could also do some rim protection and stretch 5 stuff out there to make the bench mob deadly.Keep grooming Chandler Hutchison. Squads aren't going to far outside of a 8 or 9 player rotation, but if you can have 10, go for it.

  9. This dude said garland doesn’t even have superstar potential but said they should take cam 🤦🏼‍♂️ oh lord

  10. Great video bro.

    I think we should try trade for Ben Simmons by packaging our 7th with Wendell Carter Jr plus add ons.

    Sign DAngelo Russell. Simmons and Russell are both on the verge of becoming superstars in this league and of we act now we could possibly secure them BOTH.

    Sign Derrick Rose.

  11. I agree on Garland . When you tell the truth ,it doesn't mean your a hater , it just means your an honest man . I think that Levine, Mark-man , Carter are keepers ,,,Porter a 6th .put a package together together ,try for Morant or Hunter . If not Resign Rose 1-2 years and wait on Winston Norm/Herd

  12. Garland has superstar potential I believe. He's still only 19 and will definitely take a while to develop which is totally fine with me if he develops into a Curry, Kyrie, Dame type of player as he's being compared to. His game is still very raw but the talent is there. They won't trade their 2020 pick though unless they're sold on Coby White or Garland.

  13. I agree Beverly can help Dune to be more focus and Beverly can be that "dog" the Bulls need. I think we as fan need to keep pushing this narrative and the Bulls signing Patrick Beverly.

    Dune coming off the bench would be nice because the Bulls was hurting last season because of not having much of a bench and with healthy Hutchison and Valentine along with Dune should be nice next season.

  14. Look Garland is a NBA style PG can run the pick and roll and can shoot the ball lights out … Wat rookie has good defense in the NBA they first yr? And body type is something that will develop over the years …. Just like Seth who was said to be undersized Darius game is made for the NBA game that is played today…. Do you Kno prior to his miniscus injury he was ranked as the first gaurd drafted in this upcoming draft … Insider note he has been getting nba training his whole life his father is ex NBA players and scout …. He has played usa basketball since he was 14 .. and he will be sort of a hometown kid Beining originally from Gary Indiana a cross the state line from Chicago he will be a good addition to lavin and marki adding spacing to the floor

  15. Go after DE Angelo Russell in free agency the nets r goin to sign kyrie they ain’t bringing De Lo back that’s our best option for PG

  16. What we get is what we have it’s not smart to give up any picks and the bulls not smart enough to trade the players we have for good value and picks even though no one minus Lauri might get you that might … Zach and Otto porter not getting you no where near a top 5 pick we couldn’t get that for jimmy pacers couldn’t get that with Paul George the team that could is the pelicans and they gave up the best big man in the league until fans realize this stop investing into this bs

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