1. Good video bud! Yea I am with you the whole way. The vets have been so underrated. People saw Temple and it wasn’t a spectacular flashy move. But you have a load of young guys and this dude is a Players Rep VP and productive off the bench. Guys like this with your 19-21 year olds is exactly what you want. It’s unreal how much the culture has changed here in less than a year. Between AK, Billy and the development of Zach and the ability to score as a team. The only thing missing is a 1. I’d love for them to grab either a young talent with facilitating skills or a vet in the George Hill type. They’ve lost most of their games in the last 5 minutes by bad possessions and a lack of ball handling. If you fix this one small problem, this team could sneak into the 5/6 seed area. A Lauri/Lonzo swap of 2 RFA at the end of the year might work, as you get 30 games to see if they mesh with Ball before they have to make a decision, plus the market sets his price and you get the ability to decide if that value is there. Opposed to signing in the off season without any idea if he clicks with this roster. If you keep Lauri, the only way it makes financial sense is if it’s in the area that Zach signed for a couple years back at around 4/78 or 3/60 with a player option after 2 maybe? Health is a big factor and they’ve won plenty without him so it’ll be interesting what AK does with this and the fact they will have money to spend over the next couple off seasons. Either way it’s so good to be back to relevance. Go Bulls

  2. watching teams like your bulls or the kings ,T wolves ,the suns ETC not make the playoffs for a decade is why a lot of rockets fans dont want to start tanking cause once you start doing that its hard to start winning again even once your players start to develop into stars losing is hard to shake . But we might not have a choice .

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