The Chicago Bulls FIRED Gar Forman! | More Moves Coming Later Today!? | Bulls News!

The Chicago Bulls FIRED Gar Forman! | More Moves Coming Later Today!? | Bulls News!


  1. No matter who they fire or hire or giving a new title paxson will still be call the shots he need to go and let the coach coach the rest of the season it’s a lost away. If we even get to finish this season

  2. A great firing but keep paxson in a advisor only can ignore suggestions from him. A OLD BULLS FAN from the mid 80s paxson played a role in the starting five to help win the first one. Just saying keep the info coming. Love the videos and my team a Bull 4 life!

  3. John Paxson told Michael Reinsdorf and Jerry a change was needed I saw. John Paxson not so bad afther all he waited to long to ask for change. But better late then never. I have to say John Paxson is one of the heros in this. I still want him to step back and give his advisor role to Scottie Pipen. The empty seats from fans did help change too.

  4. Krause realized he was losing money and Gar/Pax were the reason. I'm only assuming, but he was going to fire them in the off-season, but Covid-19 gave him the perfect opportunity to get a jump start.
    Pax will either stay with the team in some compasity or he'll "resign" and have a new gig somewhere else in a year or two. Forman? If any team hires him for a AGM, or GM, they deserve exactly what he'll do the team.

  5. Good! I sure hope Arturas and his new buddies will be looking for a new coaching staff. I do not mean replacing only Jim Boylen but the whole bunch, including guys who prepare players physically for the season and medical team. Either I'm paranoid or for years our players have been strangely injury prone and once ill/injured their recovery was taking forever.

  6. Paxson is not getting fired. Bulls are already spinning it that it was his idea to "step down" and that he prompted the search for his replacement.

  7. FINALLY! I was waiting for that official press release and I got it! I needed to hear it from the Bulls! No outside sources or any other nonsense! Forman is gone! Paxson is still there but not in power anymore! Next up: Boylen!

  8. Finally. And Jim Boylen should be next!
    Paxson isnt going anywhere tho.
    The guy who hit a game winning finals shot isn't going anywhere in management's eyes

  9. Suck to see Jim Boylen leave. He’s such a caring guy bc my family and I got to talk to him and take pictures with him in his office last year . I even got to use the bathroom in his office lmao But at the end of the day they are doing what’s best for the team.

  10. Now….if the Blackhawks can send Stan Bowman on a bus with Gar out of town, all the better. Let’s do some spring cleaning!!

  11. Great job guys. Late as hell with this move but it tells me that Da Bulls are headed in a better direction. About fuk'n time

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