The Chicago Bulls Gave A Draft Promise To Coby White In The 2019 NBA Draft! | 2019 NBA Draft News!

The Chicago Bulls Gave A Draft Promise To Coby White In The 2019 NBA Draft! | 2019 NBA Draft News!


  1. Exactly, white can spread the floor because he has a better three-point shooter… 36% mostly from NBA three-point range, they need to change that line in college so that it’s only one range, and be a range nothing less. But he will make the bulls better with his ability to make plays and shoot the rock…I’m excited about this draft pick and also their second pick Daniel Gafford… A perfect NBA center, a prototype rim runner and defender/rebounder..

  2. I don’t see this happening now! I feel like this dumb azz front office is going to make this trade I’m hearing about sending the LA Lakers Zach Lavine & the #7 pick in the 2019 draft for Lonzo Ball & the #4 pick in this same draft. It’s looking more & more like LA’s gonna get AD & this trade give NOLA what they want out of this trade. So supposedly it’s looking like this….

    LA Lakers get: AD

    New Orleans get: Lavine, Bulls #7(2019 1st Round Pick), Lakers 2020 unprotected 1st, Kuzma(possibly Ingram if not Kuzma), & Josh Hart

    Bulls get: Lonzo, Solomon Hill, LA Lakers #4(2019 1st Round Pick)

    (I’m hoping this rumor is B.S. cause Da Bulls would be DUMB AS SHIT to trade Zach Lavine for Lonzo Ball) I like having that #4 pick but not if it means we’d have to give up Zach.

    “If this trade happens FIRE GARPAX Immediately!” 😡😡

  3. GarPax is good at drafting so no to trading the 7th pick away. I hope GarPax draft Coby White and completely forget about acquiring Lonzo Ball.

  4. Please don't fall for the hype Trade pic to any team that wants to move up only if they take Felicio. Sign Rose to a Jbari Parker type contract and keep Dunn and draft Bol Bol and let him sit half the season or whole season to bulk up and get healthy. People are severely sleeping on Bol Bol!!!!!!

  5. Fake report. Kc of the Chicago Tribune already said he got a promise from a team before the bulls. I would want him at 7 but doubt he’s there. Most likely suns gave him the promise

  6. I like white but i don't like the promise. Why promise when you don't know what will happen. What if you get a trade offer to good to pass up? What if a better player slips? There is too much unknown to promise a player

  7. I said it Once and will continue to say it throughout this summer ! If the Chicago Bulls Keep Kriss Dunn on the Roster then whoever they draft at #7 Kriss Dunn is going to secure that starting position by stepping his game up !

  8. Just mix the young core with vet PG and other vet role players to teach this guys on how to play to win,just need this guys to level up their game in order for them to make the playoffs even losing in the first round would give them an experience that is great for their development.

  9. Every year somebody falls in draft will be interesting either way if we dont pick the best player Available Garpax need 2 tickets one way out of town

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