The Chicago Bulls NEED To Start Coby White! | The NBA's Next GREAT Backcourt! | Bulls News!

The Chicago Bulls NEED To Start Coby White! | The NBA’s Next GREAT Backcourt! | Bulls News!



  1. Well, as much as I am high on Coby – I mean this kid needs to be developed and receive his chances – but I am a little anxious. Coby playing alongside Zach LaVine is gonna implode the Bulls defense completely and all the remnants of it. Also, those two guys demand the ball. I am not certain wether this is working.

    As for LaVine, the issue remains that it is not clear, if he really is a go-to-guy on a contender level. So far, I'd say no. And as much as it hurts to say it, at some point the Bulls will have to decide whether to root for LaVine or trade for a real superstar. With such a cornerstone, you could add players like White around, trying to create the pillars of a playoff-caliber team.
    Who that star should be, no clue, honestly, though I'd like to see guys like Davis, Tatum, Walker, even Jimmy Buckets back in a Bulls Jersey. I know that's wishful thinking.

    Zach is a hell of an athlete, one of the most prospering scoring weapons in the league, but he is too one-dimensional to carry a franchise.

    Maybe Chicago should get rid of big contracts like LaVine, Young or Porter, and go for a real centerpiece, add or keep young talent like White, Carter-Williams, Kris Dunn, Daniel Gafford, or even Mokoka. If need be, even trade Satoranksy and Markkanen (as much as it hurts) and the get much needed role players, wing defense and bench depth.

  2. the worse coaches and ownership will always be out of chicago. Thats any sport. Big example is Boylen. Its so funny that clowns whos never played the game become coaches.That asshole does not want white to succed and you whiteys know what Im talking about.

  3. He should be a Shooting guard he's not a facilitator. he's a Shooter not a combo guard he needs ta learn how ta facilitate , he's nice real nice. But if you as a point can't get others involved that's not good as a STARTER! Also he can get Better defence wise…prefect 6th. Man starter? Not yet…

  4. I have no idea wht this egg head are doing..not starting Coby over ARCH…we have nothing too loose🤷🏼‍♂️🤐

  5. I keep saying if he started from the very first game he would be in the roty conversation and averaging about 15 5 and 5💯🤷🏽‍♂️you dont draft someone so high just to bench him thats dumb asf💯and i saw this thing saying they told him that midrange shots are bad shots which is also dumb asf. Thats his go to way of getting buckets and they basically took that away from his game🤦🏽‍♂️ last time i checked the bulls won 6 championships with a MIDRANGE SPECIALIST

  6. Boylen is a fuckin idiot . Lavine and Coby white can be really dynamic . Let him start and build chemistry . The season is over . We not winning games

  7. Not sure why everyone wants him to start. You have a good thing going. Why disrupt it. Coby is fine where he's at. He's just a rookie. 20 years old. It's also easier once Wendell, OPJ, and Lauri coming back soon. That will be a big enough change integrating them back in. Coby can start next year as we all know he will. He's only 20 and a rookie. I want him to stay in the groove he's in.

  8. What is Boylen on about my god he has no clue honestly. Why sit him on the beach you moron. Coby White is on fire,he's another one of my favourite players.I definitely agree with him starting he needs too. Boylen is obviously blind and can't see that Coby an Zack Lavine are the ones keeping the team going and nailing it. They are both absolute stars🔥 Unfortunately we have a clown of a couch that has no idea what he's talking about. He needs to let Coby start. I really want to see use make the playoffs but we just have to wait and see what I guess and hope for the best guys.Hoping something with happen.Become the best of the best that you guys can Chicago bulls 🤙

    Big changes need to happen:
    – fire gar/pax get new front office
    – fire clown Boylen
    – start Coby White

    Love your merch,also 😀 will definitely be getting some of that when I can for sure. Absolutely love them 🔥 always support and love all your videos.

  9. It's simple, most people said he was a great pick at 7. So he is supposedly the seventh best player drafted. So maybe the seventh best new addition out of 30 teams.. We will never let him go for the next four years on a rookie contract. So far like he's the seventh best rookie, not seventh best on your team. He is at least at least at leeeeast the Bulls fifth best, so start him!!
    Start him for the next four years unless something crazy happens.

  10. I been saying before the season started that we needed a new coach specifically Marc Jackson but I knew this would happen. Boylen stepped in when we got rid of Fred so why didn’t we get one in the offseason 🤦🏾‍♂️ for Coby White I say leave him coming off the bench. He is the only guy giving us major production off the bench right now and it seems he found a groove so why change it? If it could potentially save the season sure but it’s no need to. Zach & Coby definitely need to link up this offseason and become a nasty duo tho 👌🏾🔥

  11. ANYTHING Jim "because I said so" Boylen do or say doesnt make any fucking sense at all🤬!!! Coby should of been at the starting line up months ago, he is our future PG for god sake!!!
    Go Bulls🐃

  12. It doesn't matter if he starts or not. The team will still be garbage. And call me a pessimist but white has poor IQ, Bad floor general skills, and inconsistent offense, don't even get me started on the average defense. Sure he can improve it's his first season, but as someone who has been watching basketball for a long time he doesn't pass the eye test.

    At best he is a productive starter or a solid bench player maybe even 6th man.

  13. White and Zack are the future. They need to start and play together as much as possible the rest of the season to build chemistry. Might as well start now so they can get comfortable for next year. Abandon multi ball handler system and give White the full time point guard spot.

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