The Chicago Bulls Plan To Offer Malcolm Brogdon A 4 Year 80 Million Offer Sheet This Summer!

The Chicago Bulls Plan To Offer Malcolm Brogdon A 4 Year 80 Million Offer Sheet This Summer!


  1. Bulls are stacking players to be traded for draft picks, I have no doubt Otto Porter will be dealt and Brodon if he's signed it's worked for several teams in the past like Danny Ainge

  2. First of all that 40/50/90 thing going on is like triple-double. Dont get overhyped over it.When a player is 39/50/90 he is as valuable as 40/50/90 and can be even better, it depends on the attempts.
    Second of all Brogdon plays on a good system that includes the MVP and the coach of the year at the same time and he is generaly the third option after whole defence collapsed over Giannis and a realy good offensive player Middleton.
    So dont let all that flashy talk and stats fool you. Dont get me wrong Brogdon is a realy good player but he doesnt worth 20mil a year. It will come and bite us in the future when the paying time comes for Lauri and Wendell.

  3. I'm not on board with the 4 years. No later than Year 3….I want White to be the starter. The first 2 years….I won't be TOO upset with White coming off the bench.

  4. If I was in charge in any form of fashion there's no way in hell I offer anything to anyone without linking up with D Rose and ask him does he want to come back home and can we figure out a fair deal!? If that falls through for some reason then what's good with Pat Bev? IJS🤔🤔🤔

  5. Just bring back Arci for PG and get Drose back he plays PG/ SG now, let Drose play min minutes and let the younger guys get xp till we get to the playoffs, sign a back up SG- T.Satoransky would do, good spot up shooter, 5.0 asst get Rolo back kick out Felicios contract get Portis back as back up PF

  6. I would trade zack and get Brogdon listen 40 50. 90 enough said I like dunks like Zach does but I would also like to win trade zack get a Wiggins and s pick or draymond and a pick

  7. Brogdon is way better I say that because he is a 40/50/90. He also is the third option in Milwaukee while Zach is 1 option. So of course Zachs stats are better

  8. Dunn will Start Coby will come off Bench
    He have to Learn NBA offense first or wait til Dunn get hurt or Foul Trouble .

    Brogdon can back up LaVine at SG

  9. Beggars can't be choosers, and by the way he might be the best Bulls signing before any of the Bull player's actually become superstars. At the same time he is a high IQ, great defending, long rang shooting guard, with play making skills. He and Zach Lavine will cause havoc on the court.

  10. Brogdon is only getting better and would be a hell of a signing! He was only the 8th player in NBA history last season to average over 50 percent field goals, over 40 percent from the 3 point line, and over 90 percent from the free throw line! My only question is his fit with the team after drafting Coby White, definitely wouldn’t be mad if the Bulls signed Brogdon though…..

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